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The Third Contest Hints 3rd contest page    the answer
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hint 7 - Read the italicized quote from Yvonne at the top of the Interview with Mark Lewis and his mother Yvonne Lewis. Then go on and read the whole interview if you want to hear (in your mind's ear) some funny stories.

hint 6 - The sixth hint

hint 5 - The fifth hints

Cover to Zen Talks and Cover to Not Always So



hint 4 - The fourth hints have their own page.

hint 3 - The third hints:

This is my sister Susan drawn by her husband Don. He sent it to my mother. What an interesting note he wrote.

Hit thumbnail to enlarge picture. Zooming in is recommended.


If you haven't already, read the memo to Lucent from Landor about investigating the sumi circle, the enso at the GTU. It's a page on Rob Weinberg's Spindrift website featured in this contest.

hint 2 - The second hints:

from the website of Landor which designed the Lucent logo:  

The Lucent symbol, also known as the Innovation Ring, is a loosely drawn, dynamic red circle representing a continuous cycle of discovery, creativity and knowledge. The Ring’s striking red color is unique in the industry, and its hand-drawn simplicity evokes the emotional appeal of human communication enabled by technology.

Where Landor says they got it:

And why isn't the Lucent symbol included in the question as in "What do these three pictures have in common?" Is this a red herring?

To crack the code and get the answer to this contest, maybe one should review Rob Weinberg's page and links on the Lucent and ZC logos. Are you looking close enough?

hint 1 - Here are the first hints:

I'd noticed the Lucent logo in the past and didn't think much of it till I saw ZC alum Rob Weinberg's interesting and excellent website on which there is a page called Lucent Technologies appropriates a Zen Buddhist symbol. Just for fun I sent Lucent an email from a link on Rob's site. Go see my email to Lucent and Rob's response to what I'd written. But don't forget that these are hints to the solution of the third contest's riddle. - DC

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