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Reader's and DC's Comments

Reader's Comments 2003, 20001999

12/21/02 - DC's reply to Stuart Lachs' comments on about Shunryu Suzuki, Richard Baker, ZMBM, and war and peace (see 12/09 below).

12/14/02 - Shunryu Suzuki on Transmission - relating to Lachs' article.

12/13/02 - Taigen Dan Leighton's comments on Shoes.

12/09/02 - Check out this article on the Myth of the Zen Roshi from Dark Zen at wherein people's silly assumptions about transmission and the SFZC and Suzuki and Baker get bopped about. There are some inaccuracies and stuff I disagree with that I'll try to get to and I hate to see people's feelings get hurt but this bit of axe grinding and bubble bursting is, to me, good for the health of Zen institutions and the path of us poor pathetic practitioners of Zen and whatever. And give us some feedback - Contact Me  here at if you feel so inclined. 

See also the Shoes Outside the Door page (cause that's what a lot of the Myth article is based on). And you can check out Rick Levine's note to Michael Downing which was just added there. 

5/25/02 - A question on the Suzuki "Translation" of the Heart Sutra.

5/3/02- On a recent trip to Tassajara - DC

3/30/02 - Comments on Shoes Outside the Door: Desire, Excess, and Excess at San Francisco Zen Center - DC

3/22/02 - I haven't added to this in half a year but here's something I got today from Brian Unger on Philip Whalen. I may add more in the future or I may be doing other things. - DC

The Only correspondence put on the site other than Suzuki Roshi lectures in 2001 was the following:

7/6/2001 - A letter from Mitsu Suzuki

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