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Date: Sat, 30 Jan 1999 03:05:14 -0800
From: jbobier <>

To: dchad3(at)sonic(dot)net
Subject: In Gassho

Dear David, Greetings from Canada..I am fairly 'new' to Buddhism..and got drawn to the Japanese esoteric tradition of Tendai-shu. I was fortunate and blessed to find an American who had trained in this tradition, in Japan, for 5 years and meet him. He has given me a Gongyo to do and coming to Three Treasures was for me 'returning home'..

I came across your book about Suzuki Roshi at the library and am going through a difficult time right now in my life..a place of 'transition'..Although I am so unfamiliar with Zen your book on Suzuki Roshi has brought me moments of tears, moments of laughter and the wonderful journey of a wonderful, remarkable human being who you and many others had the privilege of knowing in this lifetime. I asked my own Teacher, who is from San Francisco, if he had ever met Suzuki Roshi and he said 'yes' and he was also at his funeral (I'm near the end of the book but haven't got to that part yet)..

Teachers indeed are great gifts..the fact that we find them and they guide and nudge us along in practice. I wanted to say I especially how I enjoy the words in the different type..and how Suzuki Roshi seemed to have that way of transmitting so much of the Dharma and not always maybe in words. There is a point where things are beyond words and form! I also wanted to say that I think at a local book store in the city where I live there is a copy of 'Street Zen'..I can check if that person is interested that had wrote you..For all of us who never knew Suzuki Roshi you have given us a great gift..Arigato gozaimasu! In Gassho,

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