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Suzuki-roshi Lecture Archiving Project of the SFZC

This section is about the work going on at the San Francisco Zen Center to get Suzuki-roshi's lectures in order and preserved, the tapes and the transcripts.  I have worked a lot in this area too, but the area I'm concentrating on is the oral history of those who met Suzuki, of folks whose lives he touched.--DC

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Suzuki Lecture Archives Project (fall '98) and purpose written by Bill Redican of San Francisco Zen Center.

Suzuki Lecture Archive Project Update (6/7/99) by Bill Redican.

Fundraising letter (12/22/98)written by David Chadwick for the Shunryu Suzuki Lecture Archives Project.

Selected Errors/Omissions/Typos (fall '98) in Suzuki-roshi Transcripts, compiled by Bill Redican, head of the Archives Project at San Francisco Zen Center.

Bill's 2002 Suzuki Lecture Archive Project Report

Contact Bill Redican at xxx. or write to him or call him at:

Bill Redican, Archivist  [only part time now - 2002]
Zen Center
300 Page Street
San Francisco CA 94102

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