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Suzuki-roshi Lecture Archiving Project of the SFZC

This section is about the work going on at the San Francisco Zen Center to get Suzuki-roshi's lectures in order and preserved, the tapes and the transcripts.  I have worked a lot in this area too, but the area I'm concentrating on is the oral history of those who met Suzuki, of folks whose lives he touched.--DC

Suzuki Lecture Archives Project (fall '98) and purpose written by Bill Redican of San Francisco Zen Center.

Suzuki Lecture Archive Project Update (6/7/99) by Bill Redican.

Fundraising letter (12/22/98)written by David Chadwick for the Shunryu Suzuki Lecture Archives Project.

Selected Errors/Omissions/Typos (fall '98) in Suzuki-roshi Transcripts, compiled by Bill Redican, head of the Archives Project at San Francisco Zen Center.

Contact Bill Redican at or write to him or call him at:

Bill Redican, Archivist  [only part time now - 2002]
Zen Center
300 Page Street
San Francisco CA 94102

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