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Do-it - Crooked Cucumber Archives goals, other work in progress

Work in Progress and Recent work (since 2012)

Shunryu Suzuki Lecture Transcripts etc in Progress

Light Edit guidlines below and New Transcript data up top
verbatim transcribing or checking guidelines

Working with the most difficult audio and transcripts not previously included in the digital archive.

Transcripts in Progress - from tapes with poor quality.

Want to help get these transcripts further along or to transcribe one or more not yet done? Read the Notes for helpers and the Light Edit Guidelines below then Contact DC.

Almost nothing done here since 2013 except 66-02-00-G posted 10-26-14 by DC. Records that have a line drawn through them have been completed as of 2023.

65-07-31 [partial] - Thorsten Bauer (TB) transcribing - 3rd installment added 4-29-13 - work stopped, need new volunteer for this one

66-01-21-B - Dan Sonik (DS) checking

66-01-22N  - JG?

66-03-26-B - JG first pass - CM 2nd pass  - (D-)

66-08-17N -

67-09-08-A - JG first pass - CM 2nd pass  - (C)

67-09-08-B -  - this transcript was in the archive marked 67-09-08U indicating it had not been checked to be verified. Maybe the modified audio will help. This is not a problem audio. It has just not been checked against the audio yet.

67-09-12 - JG first pass - CM 2nd pass (C-)

67-10-00 - JG first pass - CM 2nd pass (C-)

68-00-00-B - JG first pass - CM 2nd pass. (C)

68-02-00-G - DC first pass

68-08-25 - This one was transcribed but marked as being partial because of sound problems so it was redone. Check and compare with other transcript on - dc]

68-10-00-E - BH checking

68-10-00-H -   JG first pass - CM 2nd pass [fragment](C)

68-10-00-J  - CM checking

68-10-00-K -

68-10-00-X - earlier transcription also at the end of 68-10-00-J tape


69-06-29  - BH First Pass (Bill Hackenberg) (B-)

69-08-30 - CM first pass (corrected) (D+)

69-09-14 - forget this one - shouldn't be on this list

69-12-05N  - CM grades as E - not yet transcribable

70-04-25 - JG done

71-08-01 - marked as untranscribable from this point at end of transcript

68-02-00-G - DC transcribing SR Q and Q found amidst the Sumi lecture segements. - 10-21-14. Now part of 68-09-00.

Need transcripts for outtakes from Sunseed and Sunseed Audio

A "pass" as in 1st pass and 2nd pass refers to the work of one person which can include many passes that they did in working on a lecture.

5-15-13 - Shunryu Suzuki “Translations” of the Heart Sutra. The basic English meaning printed beneath the Sino-Japanese on Sokoji chant cards. - Thanks Chris Modec-Halverson

5-01-13 - Today the missing text from the last page of Shunryu Suzuki lecture 67-01-12 which became the Mind Waves chapter of Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind - with a link to the original transcript and the draft edited with Trudy Dixon's (I think) handwritten notes which had the missing page.

Must make PDFs of all the material from the Los Altos Box. [Done by Joe Tennis in 2013 but ZC or he can't find so far.]

Shunryu Suzuki on practice from a Wind Bell - contains more than what was transcribed previously for complete record as posted on - need to find that and transcribe missing part from this PDF. [That's done]

5-02-13 - Buddhism is, maybe, rather difficult to understand - PDF of transcript of Shunryu Suzuki lecture dated 66-01-13 from the Los Altos Box, this one the original and apparently verbatim version, one of the lectures from that group not included in Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind. The PDF reveals the blank spaces in this original transcript which seem to indicate gaps in the tape. This transcript duplicated the look of the original. The audio tape is missing along with all but two from the Los Altos. Would love to find them. - DC

Lectures from the Los Altos Box not included in ZMBM

Lectures in Zen Mind Beginner's Mind chart - Los Altos box lectures are in the Original Transcript column (except 66-00-00 AE and BE which are from the book as no other versions are available)

From Wind Bells - these are new and complete and have been entered into

Two brief Shunryu Suzuki comments on practice - from the Fall, 1967 Wind Bell

first quote from above added to substantially and moved 4-24-14 to SUZUKI ROSHI WRITES ON THE PRACTICE PERIOD

67-08-24-C - from the Fall, 1967 Wind Bell was not in the lecture archive. Placed there 2012.


An edited lecture from four of the six lectures in the archive.

THE TRIKĀYA - Edited from four (says six but we don't find that) Lotus Sutra Lectures. Scanned from Spring 1969 Wind Bell . Some of these lectures are in the archive and at least two aren't. Plan to get these originals in the archive soon - here and on Also plan to add another set of Lotus Sutra lectures. Need to check and compare with the Brian Fikes transcripts below which I think are the source for these. - dc

Transcripts from two films with Shunryu Suzuki are now in the cuke Suzuki film section. - entered December 2012 an January 2013.

Beginner's Mind - Marian Derby's original manuscript of Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind. - entered in 2012

Transcripts being included now in the digital archive

Lotus Sutra lectures

f at the end of the file name = edited by Brian Fikes

68-02-00A-f  –  (added 9-16-12)

68-02-00B-f  –  (added 9-18-12)

68-02-00C-f  –  (added 9-20-12)

68-02-00D-f  –  (added 9-22-12)

68-02-00E-f  –  (added 9-25-12)

68-02-00F-f  –  (added 9-28-12)

more to come - dc 9-22-12

NOTES for someone wishing to help, even just a tiny bit

For audio links here go to MP3s located on lecture list. Search for the file name below on the chart and to the right on the chart will be an audio link and a modified audio link (marked MA-w). The modified audio is another way to listen to it to aid in transcription. Much work remains to be done.

Please let DC know if you're working on one of these so that we don't have unnecessary duplication of effort.

The files above that are links go to a transcript in progress. Those without links have no transcript.

There is other Suzuki lecture transcribing to do. If you want to transcribe one page of a Shunryu Suzuki lecture - typing onto disc in a word file from a scanned image, or if you wish to help in the scanning (and are located near San Rafael CA), or if you do OCR (optical character recognition), please contact DC.

DC Suggestions for transcribing Shunryu Suzuki lectures

Before working on transcribing a lecture from audio please check to make sure it's not already transcribed. To do you should double check the file name against the master list on and see if there's a PDF of a transcript there and then search for key words in the AllinOne file of Suzuki lectures that you get from me - DC. That's a new (as of 9-08-12) email address for helpers

Then from that same page get the audio - Check out both the original audio and the modified audio - sometimes you can get something from each. You can try to do your own modified audio if you know how to do that.

Don't kill yourself trying to do this. It's just as important to know what can't be understood now as what can. What can't be understood we can set aside for future attempts at audio work or enhancement or modification -  a field in which progress is being rapidly made.

It might help to send the results of your work to me - DC in the body of the email as well as an attachment. I use MS Word 2000 for this work and can't open some attachments - though I can with other computers here if it's a problem.

Type exactly what you hear. Don't add or subtract or fix any grammatical errors. That can be done later for an edited version but we try to create transcripts that are as verbatim as possible.

If a student asks a question put Student: and then when Suzuki returns put SR:

If you're guessing a word put it in parentheses with double question marks after it (like this??) If you don't have a guess just put a space and a few question marks and a space ??? like that. We're not using color coding anymore.

You might want to look at how other lectures are done. The file name should go up top. Your name or some designation should go at the bottom with the date you did the work and any comments you wish to make. Like "Transcribed by DC 9-01-12. This tape has very loud background noise getting worse in the second half."

Please include comments about the quality of the audio you're using - you can grade the audio and the lecture quality according to your own standards if you wish. Keep it brief.



February 17, 1966

The message for us for today was ‘cultivate your own spirit’. It says there on the calendar -- ’Cultivate your own spirit. This is very important point and this

Go down to Guidelines for CCA Light Edit work to read more about the method we use. Just don't do any editing for a verbatim transcript.

Grading Audio

Grade the audio on degree of difficulty in understanding. How about making it part of an audio grade for all the lectures so Grade A = excellent quality to B = good, C = mediocre, D = poor, E = for can get some of it to Grade F for can't get anything? And then a guess at percentage that was not understandable. Or something like that. I'd like to have something like that next to all of the audio.

If an audio or part of an audio is too hard to do it should probably be assigned to the hopeful future with an E or F grade.

This is all part of ongoing work to render the Shunryu Suzuki lecture archive as complete and well presented as possible.

LE Guidelines for CCA Light Edit work

Please send me additions or suggestions

Please use as your source, the lectures from the Shunryu Suzuki Lecture New Search Form  not from the old All-in-one file or the former index of Suzuki lectures. We're working with verbatim transcripts here, rendering them a bit more readable, smoother. So copy and paste the verbatim transcript and do a light edit of it. Please let us assign you one as we're doing them in order and would prefer not to have duplication at this early stage. 

If you wish to be involved with the effort to make a complete set of light edits of Suzuki Roshi lectures. That would mean taking on one lecture at a time to edit in the most minimal way. The idea is not to do a literary edit, not to improve or correct Suzuki's grammar or choice of words - unless absolutely necessary for understanding - just to make it flow better than a verbatim transcription. Check out the ones on that Gordon Geist did - in the Light Edit column marked LE.

Just do text. Please don't put anything in formatting like notes or comments or page number or editing change formatting. Put any notes you want to make in brackets [like this – and initial] But try not to do that.

Don't indent.

Don’t call Shunryu Suzuki “Suzuki Roshi.” But don’t change a quote if he or someone else says that.

Don't use long dashes - they don't work well in my web program. Use single or double short ones like the one used in the prior sentence -- and here.

Don’t add dashes to Japanese words. Not Ba-so or Rinso-in. It’s Baso and Rinsoin.

Don't use any diacritical marks like macrons. They screw up searching and we don't use them. If you see one eliminate it.

[Laughs] means Suzuki Roshi laughs and [laughter] means that the audience laughs. Please so indicate

Don't improve on Suzuki's choice of words or add any words unless you can see that it's a word he was searching for and didn't get or get right.

It might be good to leave an indication that there’s a long pause -. (long pause)

Use Arial 12 point if you'd be so kind. If not it's okay - I'll just change it to that.

Don't use double spaces like after periods.

It's good though to check the PDF in to see if there are any notes missing. I think we may have lost notes in the process of working on these lectures.

There may also be other accidental errors that may have occurred in working on the lectures so if you suspect something please ask.

Put a note at the end of the lecture to identify what you’ve done and I think the date is good too though that hasn’t been done in the past, like: Edited by David Chadwick 9-29-12 or Edited by DC -  9-29-12


Here are some notes Brian Fikes sent about his editing in the past:

When I edited, I mainly removed things like ummm, uh, etc. I think I rarely made grammatical corrections, because I always liked "things as it is". Sometimes if it sounded like he started to say something and then corrected himself, I'd leave out the "false start" of the sentence or phrase. But I'd leave both in if it sounded like he might be putting things in two different ways. So it was very minimal editing, and hopefully nothing was lost. For those, I would always add something like "edited by Brian Fikes".




A talk is always-- the conclusion of my talk is always why we should practice zazen. This is not-- my talk is not just casual talk. And basically, my talk is based on Shobogenzo. And fortunately we have a system of-- we have a complete system [of] how to understand true religion.

Light Edit:

The conclusion of my talk is always why we should practice zazen. My talk is not just casual talk. And basically, my talk is based on Shobogenzo. And fortunately we have a complete system of how to understand true religion.



So by Shobogenzo we have to polish our practice, and we have to keep various misunderstanding-- keeps our practice [of] Zen from various misunderstanding. That is why we have Shobogenzo. That is why in sesshin I should talk. This kind of talk is not, you know-- the purpose of my talk is not to give you some knowledge, but to-- by my talk I want you to-- I want to encourage your practice without being interested in philosophical depth of our system. In this point, if you make misunderstanding, result will be pretty serious.

Light Edit:

So by Shobogenzo we have to polish our practice, and we have to keep our practice of Zen from various misunderstanding. That is why we have Shobogenzo. That is why in sesshin I should talk. The purpose of my talk is not to give you some knowledge, but to encourage your practice without being interested in philosophical depth of our system. In this point, if you make misunderstanding, result will be pretty serious.


Working on Light Edits and TIP or WIP

65-07-26-A - CH (Clare Hollander)
65-07-26-D - CE (Christian Damian Espicha)
65-07-27-A - CH done
65-07-27-B - JT done (Jeff Tollefsrud)
65-07-28-C - CH
65-07-28-D - JT
65-07-29-A - CE
65-07-29-B - CX doing (Charles _____)
65-07-29-C - CE doing
65-07-31-C - TB (Thorsten Bauer)
66-01-21-B - DS (Dan Sonik)

Stopped updating this page in 2012 at some point. Lots more has been done and is being done. All the results eventually make it to

Thanks to Judith Gilbert for transcription work in March 2012 and now again in 2013 and AW for ongoing modified audio work - DC

Shunryu Suzuki Lecture Transcripts in Progress

Finding lectures or versions of lectures not included in the digital archive.
Working with the most difficult audio.

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