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ZMC Benefit Art Exhibition and Sale poster

1966-7 Tassajara Fundraising Posters and Brochures

The first use of Shunryu Suzuki's famous enso

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Spending a whole afternoon on a cushion at the low table in his office, at the request of his student, Mike Dixon, Suzuki drew an enso, a sumi circle, for a poster announcing a benefit art show, drawing one incomplete circular stroke after another, going through sheet after sheet of rice paper, till he got a stroke that satisfied him. He didn't do a voluminous amount of calligraphy, as is common among Japanese priests, but this simple enso would come to greet countless gazes. - from Crooked Cucumber, 2nd edtion

The exhibit ran from December 16, 1966, to January 16, 1967.

Willard Mike Dixon cuke page where you can see a painting of Mike's I, DC, bought at the exhibit.

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