Posters & Brochures for Fundraisers for Zen Mountain Center at Tassajara - 1966-67

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Fundraisers for the Horse Pasture (near Tassajara where a monastery would be built

SFZC fall 1966 fundraising brochure to purchase the Horse Pasture, one of three inholdings owned by Bob and Anna Beck along with the Pines and Tassajara. This drive was successful but the funds were used as the down payment for Tassajara instead of the Horse Pasture. This came as one large sheet of paper that folded up with mailing info and stamp on one side and the image in the thumbnail on the other. Click links to see full screen image.
Front side | Back side | Cover - thanks Michael Papas

Zenefit concert

ZMC Benefit Art Exhibition and Sale Poster page - First use of Shunryu Suzuki's famous enso for a benefit art exibition that ran from Dec. 16, 1966 to Jan. 16, 1967, Arranged  by Mike Dixon. Large poster- thanks Mike Dixon for scanning and sending it

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Fundraisers toward the purchase of Tassajara, Zen Mountain Center, for which the money raised for the Horse Pasture having been used as a down payment

ZMC Benefit Meditation in Daily Life Poster - with Charlotte Selver and Charles Brooks and Shunryu Suzuki - Feb. 17-18, 1967 -  - thanks Liz Horowitz

NYC Community Church Benefit Poster - The Practice of Zen: A Lecture by Shunryu Suzuki - March 8, 1967 -  - thanks Peter Wolak

Poster for Gary Snyder benefit poetry reading for Tassajara Zen Mountain Center fundraising drive. - March 15, 1967 -  - thanks Liz Horowitz and others who I forget

Alan Watts ZMC benefit lecture - March 29, 1967

Robert Strizich Baroque Guitar ZMC Benefit Concert Poster - May 7, 1967 - thanks Liz Horowitz

ZMC Benefit Weekend with Charlotte Selver and Charles Brooks, Shunryu Suzuki and Dainin Katagiri - May 27-28, 1967 - thanks Liz Horowitz

Indian and Japanese Music Benefit for the School of the American Society for Eastern Arts and the Zen Mountain Center - June 25, 1967 - thanks Joe Cohen

Tassajara fundraising brochure - 1967 - written by Richard Baker -  - thanks Bob Watkins

Zen in America fundraising brochure - 1967 - written by Richard Baker
Full screen image | Reverse | PDF - thanks Bob Watkins and Michael Papas