Cuke Archives, "helping to preserve the legacy of Shunryu Suzuki and those whose paths cross his and anything else that comes to mind." DC is David Chadwick, Poobah of Cuke Archives, being a name for the results of work he has been involved with and collected from others over the course of a few decades - with tons of help from many others, especially Peter Ford,  who's been on board for over a decade.

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To know what's on, check out the Menu and Dropdowns above, look at the Overview from the 2020 Presentation, read the Guide, look at Suggested. Use the Site Search boxes up top on the key pages to find specific names and stuff. There's an Overview of Cuke Archives written for SFZC Winter 2018 Newsletter

**** created in December of 1998 as a supplement to the book, Crooked Cucumber: the Life and Zen Teaching of Shunryu Suzuki. [Crooked Cucumber was Suzuki's master's nickname for him.] The site then was mainly the current Crooked Cucumber section and Photos. In the ensuing months I'd make a change or add something such as the Errata section for the book. In May of 1999 started adding to the site on a more regular basis creating a What's New page which grew into a What's New section with a new page each year. New sections and files were added frequently through the years, mainly Zen related such as Interviews and Lectures - and lots of other material. In 2008 became the repository for the systematic archive of Shunryu Suzuki lecture transcripts and audio, video, and photos. In 2010 Peter Ford started helping out and greatly upgraded and now and Instagram and Facebook. He's the managing director of cuke archives. In 2015 What's New moved to the Cuke New Blog which now has daily except Sunday Suzuki lecture quotes and features other new items on cuke plus some personal posts. In November 2017 a menu and dropdown format was created for originally for fifty key pages and any new pages. for the book Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind is our third Zen site though it's basically a menu for what's available in the zmbm section of cuke.

See the Guide for more info on this sprawling assimilation of moments and memories in the realm of Shunryu Suzuki and those whose paths crossed his.

Take care,

David Reich Chadwick

Audiobook for Crooked Cucumber - released November 2021

Audiobook for Thank You and OK! - released September 2022

Audiobook for To Find the Girl from Perth --- cuke-annex page for this book with songs and art


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