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9-08-06 - Cheryl Foltos sent this in.

Lachab Gompa Building project

During the cultural revolution Lachab, Dzong-Go Ling, Dechen Chokgyur Ling, and Kharkarzong were completely destroyed. In the 1980’s Ngaktrin Tsewang Dechen Rinpoche, the 5th Ngaktrin Tulku, was able to commence the slow task of rebuilding. With the help of his disciple Karma Gyamtsen Tsangsar, the restoration of Lachab, Dzong-Go Ling, and Dechen Chokgyur Ling began. In later years, suffering from chronic asthma, Ngaktrin Tulku’s health began to fail. Therefore, in recognition of a lifetime of service, he named Karma Gyamtsen as his successor. In March 2006 Ngaktrin Tulku Rinpoche passed away peacefully.

Karma Gyamtsen Tsangsar

At the age of 8 Venerable Karma Gyamtsen Tsangsar ws recognized by H.H. the 16th Karmapa and enthroned at Lachab. At 11 he formally entered Lachab to commerce his spiritual training under the guidance of Ngaktrin Rinpoche. At age 21 he took full ordination. Having completed a three-year retreat, Karma Gyamtsen first became retreat master at Lachab and later the principal administrator and manager for the monastery. Following Ngaktrin Rinpoche’s death, Karma Gyamtsen is now assuming complete responsibility for Lachab monastery, Dzong-Go Ling, and both nunneries.

Lachab Monastery

Today Lachab is home to 390 monks practicing in the traditions of the Barom Kagyu and the Chokling Tersar. To date, the monastery’s shrine room, three-year retreat center, and Mahakala temple have been rebuilt. A shedra building for Buddhist studies has been added to facilitate the older monks’ studies. A school for local children has also been built. Currently 35 children are attending the school. While progress has been made, the monastic community continues to live in very basic, substandard conditions. Monastic quarters, toilets and kitchen are urgently needed.

Dechen Chokgyur Ling Nunnery

Restoration of Dechen Chokgyur Ling has already started and the nunnery is today home to 180 nuns. These nuns have forsaken all material comfort to practice their spiritual path, though certain basic standards need to be met in order to ensure the health and survival of the community as a whole. The nuns lack adequate living conditions. Their most urgent need is for toilets and a kitchen.

Kharkarzong Nunnery

Today Kharkarzong nunnery lies in ruins. Rebuilding is urgently needed to house a scattered community of 30 nuns, currently living here and there, maintaining their practice as best they can.

Dzong-Go Ling

Nestled on top of a lofty mountain peak, the isolated hermitage of Dzong –Go Ling has long been recognized as a special place Guru Rinpoche visited here. After he blessed the land many Vajra Guru Mantras spontaneously appeared on the cliffs and are still visible to this day. Today, Dzong –Go Ling is home to a small community of monks. A small shrine room has been restored and a three-year retreat center is now operational. Conditions, however, are extremely basic and the facilities are only capable of housing a very small number of practitioners. New monks’ quarters, toilets and a kitchen are urgently needed.

In order to survive, these communities of monks and nuns need our help and assistance. Without it this rich monastic tradition, a truly positive force in our world today, will dissipate and gradually disappear. The future of these centers of spiritual excellence, blessed of practitioners, is in our hands.

Help support these monastic communities by sponsoring prayers and ceremonies for the long life and prosperity of yourself your family and your friends:

US$ 75.00 half day prayers,
US& 150 full day prayers
US 3 day ceremony

Donate directly to support building projects or to help met the monks and nuns daily living costs:

US&1.00 per day feeds and clothes a monk or nun
US$ 1,400.00 builds new monk quarters for 40 monks or nuns
US$ 4,000.00 builds toilets for 40 monks

How to you can contact us:

Karma Gyamtsen Tsangsar, Lachab Monastery
Chinyiseb Shang Nangchen Zong QingHai , China

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