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Letter of support from John Tarrant Roshi

I’m writing on behalf of David Chadwick and The Crooked Cucumber Archives: Why are we making this appeal?—

Because Suzuki Roshi shaped the coming of Buddhism to America.

Because all the Buddhist lineages in the West were touched by Suzuki Roshi’s work.

Because David Chadwick is himself a living treasure—a passionate historian who has worked tirelessly to collect anecdotes, writings, and interviews and everything Suzuki Roshi.

Because David Chadwick is one of those people who knows and stays in contact with vast numbers of people, in his case, everyone to do with Suzuki Roshi and his world, and has made this his life’s work.

Because David Chadwick’s work makes people happy by showing us how to live beyond selfish concerns: David takes up any necessary task with both humility and glee. He is as inspiring with a broom in his hand, or visiting the dying, as he is preserving Suzuki audio materials and writing notable books.

Because David is with us working on the archive project and at this unique moment in time we have a chance to make a contribution to something wonderful.

Please send your contribution today.

With deep appreciation and affection,

John Tarrant

Pacific Zen Institute (PZI)

March 2012

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David Chadwick April 2012 appeal for support.