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2-22-07 - I was just getting ready to sit zazen but...

Trinkita hadn't seen An Inconvenient Truth so I watched the DVD with her and once again was so impressed with the film and Al Gore and with the extreme urgency of the issue of global warming and how well it's all presented. Can't wait for the academy awards. Isn't that embarrassing. And I am digging (through) the supplementary DVD materials like the informative 30 minute intro and update by Al Gore. I appreciate how he has put this whole thing together pretty much by himself - the info, the slide show as he calls it - not the movie (thanks Laurie David and Lawrence Bender and Davis Guggenheim and others).

The thought crossed my mind that what Gore's doing might be more important than what he might have done as president cause, for one thing, there might have been too many issues to deal with, like what to do with all those Saudi's that were, due to having an alert crew running the country, caught plotting to send planes into buildings. I thought it could be that having these reckless, psychopathic, warmongering incompetents in charge could be, from a global point of view, in terms of the survival of civilization and the coral reefs and all, it could be that the good work Gore's doing outbalances all that misery and waste. I think it's good for him too - not being president. He's so much more free and easy-going now. I really don't want him to run in 2008. Politics is a sea of lies and misrepresentation so greatly influenced by sinister whispers and worshipers of Mammon who cannot be concerned about the fate of the earth and earthlings when there's so much short-term profit to be had, to be dived into like ole Scrooge McDuck used to do. It would be fun. Oh yes, back to that thought. It might turn out that Ralph Nader will be heralded as the man who saved the world by making the 2000 election so close that the Republicans could steal it thus freeing Al Gore up and away to pursue his life-long passion - making people aware of global warming. And we turn the tide in the nick of time. Hooray! Or maybe not.  It doesn't look like we're going to but, not to despair, I recommend seeing the film as a terribly relevant thing to do and also heartily promote going to the site of the film, - DC

All this while of course keeping in mind that it was time to cool off with a refreshing period of, well, as Sylvia Boorstein said, Don't just do something - sit there.


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