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9-24-04 - Greetings. As you may have noticed, I'm spending lots of time on the Election Countdown Calendar Dot Com because I'm possessed with the importance of this election and want to do whatever I can to help get rid of Bush whom I consider to be a slave to giant alien robots who does not serve organic life on earth much less us humanoids or our country.

I want to see John Kerry beat him and then I'm happy to take on John Kerry who I think we have a chance to communicate with. As Howard Zinn says, at least with Kerry we have a ledge to stand on - with Bush we have nothing. 

I do not think this is the biggest phenomenal problem that we face though, not the greatest threat to all that we hold dear. Speaking just for this plane of being, I think that nuclear threats are the greatest and are most horrific and must be dealt with immediately. I intend to put stuff about this on the ECC website linked above soon - maybe tomorrow - focusing on what Helen Caldicott has to say.

But for that stuff go there. I intend to get a lot of the current events stuff over there so I can before long eliminate that part of this site.

Right now I'm working on a little something for - working on a long interview with Niels Holm to add to his already long interview on this site.

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