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DC idea - Election Countdown Calendar Dot Com

[After the election I discontinued the site. I'll try to get an abbreviated version of it here on soon. - DC]

9-03-04 - Finally a new website so I can express my demented political views without tainting this Buddhist site with partisan pollution. It's the Election Countdown Calendar. Go to, to see the first installment. Go there from now on for political and social comments (though I guess that after the election I might get another site with another name for this sort of stuff). I've been working night and day to help get my darling son Clay's little school ready to open (he's going into the 8th) which is why I haven't been adding inspiring Buddhist material to or insightful socio-political stuff to digressions and current events. Now Buddhist neocons, libertarians, and other non-Kerry voters can come here without being offended and non Buddhists who want Kerry to defeat Bush but don't give a rat's ass about Shunryu Suzuki can go to ECC to get their latest grist for the mill. Frankly, I'm excited. It's taken me so long to get this far. I had this idea a month ago and there's been just one thing after another that postponed this wonderful moment. Now, dear reader, if you are of such a mind, please go to, With love and kisses, DC.

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