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4-09-04 - Greetings from DC.

I'm having computer problems and have some affairs to attend to and am very short on cash though I have few expenses now that I've sold my home so it's no big deal but there are some collectors knocking at my PO Box that I'd like to assuage and there is my 12 year old son Clay whom I spend lots of time with and the barn I'm living in needs lots of work and I still haven't gone through anything or organized much of anything in my office since returning from my 8 month trip which I'd love to write about and I'm writing two hours a day at least and that's what I really need to do to hopefully come up with something that will bring in some loot and so, dear reader, I may have to be off-line for a while while I attend to priorities of son and writing and barn and piles of stuff and I've got to get this Citibank fraudulent charge thing that I accrued on my trip dealt with and may not be able to get back online right away which I'd love to do because I love putting stuff up on but it doesn't pay the bills and everything seems to be going wrong computer-wise and so please forgive me if I'm not back right away to put things up.  In fact I'm writing this as fast as I can because I don't know how long I have before this thing crashes or I get disconnected. I sure could use some help.

But don't get me wrong. I'm having a good time and this is just daily life trouble which is endless though humorous. It really doesn't matter. As Lao Tsu, or was that Chuang Tsu (sp?) who said, "Affairs are endless." 

All the best,


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