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3/25/04 - From DC - It's good indeed to be back in the ole US of A and to my broken and together families and friends and sanghas and green hills. 

I've been back for a month now and have been dying to get to this web site. There's so much I want to put on it but you know, it doesn't pay the bills and I'm always doing too much so I'll do my best. Maybe I can figure out a way to do this AND rake in loot without adds or products. Then again I could cover it with adds and sell t-shirts. I love selling t-shirts with something nifty on them. I've done a couple which were fun. I see retirement as running a t-shirt business - come up with some nifty phrase or graphic and sell them off the front porch to passing motorists.

Soon I'll mention where I've been these long lonely months..

It's good to be back, but I'm appalled at where we've been heading and what we've been doing. Looking beyond the local realm at the national and international and global environmental situations is to me most disturbing and ominous. Good times to awaken to big mind wherein such a shakey situation can be experienced within  a greater unshakabilosphere. Developments that seem quite possible could render irrelevant everything most of us are thinking and worry about now. Good luck to us all. More on this later in current events or somewhere on

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