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Another tiresome statement trying to justify my political agenda

You probably have your own sources for this sort of info and I know it's not the purpose of, but just in case the neo-cons' contract agents start to round us up to put us into concentration camps or landfill, I just want to make sure, so as not to inconvenience them with troublesome research, they know where I stand on the insanity of today's neo-politics.  

Also, if you disagree with my obvious slant on things, it doesn't matter to me and need not deter you from enjoying the rest of the site. I don't agree with some people who say this candidate or cause is Buddhist and those are not. There are right wing and left wing and this way and that wing Buddhists just as there are in any religions, philosophies, psychologies, thought systems, etc.

I have friends who will vote for Bush, who will vote for Nader, vote for Green, vote Libertarian, who don't vote, who think I'm a dupe or whatever, so if you find yourself in disagreement with the axes I grind, welcome to the club and please don't take it personally and don't read this section if you choose or, if you wish, let me offend you more.



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