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4-03 - Why the Iraq War links on this Buddhist archival website?

Because it's my site and I can do whatever I want and because we're all passionately interested now if we admit it or not and because I want to share and have a place where others of whatever persuasion can share. 

I usually try to keep limited to stuff pertaining to Shunryu Suzuki and the early days of the San Francisco Zen Center and a little Sangha News now and then but occasionally I've added something off those topics that interested or moved me. Anyway, I'm moved to put this page on the site for obvious reasons. Anyone looking at the links I've put up or anyone who knows me will know that I'm not in favor of using violence to deal with Iraq or to solve our problems. But I do not reject people who favor it and if someone wants to send me links to sites or articles that are supportive of the war then I'll put them up here too. - DC

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