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9-22-11 - German Version of Crooked Cucumber

The German version of Crooked Cucumber is being re-released with a new name as a print on demand book along with a number of other Buddhist books by

Manjughosha Edition
Verlagsgesellschaft mbH
Eislebener Str.16, 10789 Berlin

This is an image of the former edition. The old title translates as "Shunryu Suzuki or the Art of Becoming a Zen Master." In consultation with Baker Roshi disciples Christian Dillo and Nicole Baden in Crestone Mt. Zen Center, the new title close to the English title was agreed upon which translates as "Crooked Cucumber - the Life and Teaching of Zen Master Shunryu Suzuki." The following is from Manjughosha's new brochure. The German at the bottom means "Rereleased German translation of Crooked Cucumber early in 2012."

David Chadwick
Krumme Gurke –
Leben und Lehre des Zen-Meisters Shunryu Suzuki

Neuauflage der deutschen übersetzung von „Crooked Cucumber"; Frühjahr 2012

Thanks to Bernd Bender for translating it. His translation for the first publishing was used for the 2nd one.

And thanks to Michael Podgorschek in Austria of for scanning the whole book and to Edgar Arnold for working on that too and for now agreeing to transcribe some Suzuki lectures so we can have them available in the archive.

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