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Emma Bragdon

Emma was at Zen Center practicing Zen and studying with Shunryu Suzuki. Follow the links below to see what she's done since. More to come here. - DC

Emma on Shunryu Suzuki and more.

Emma Bragdon dot com

Founder/Director of the Integrative Mental Health University, IMHU. includes a recent bio and story of why she started this online University. It includes a blog note on Suzuki Roshi and how he was an inspiration to her. (same link as above)


Also on this site are interviews with a host of integrative mental health practitioners.


Books by Emma Bragdon - Amazon

Link from the past, not her focus these days: Spiritual Alliances

Spiritism: Bridging Spirituality and Health one of two documentaries co-produced by Emma Bragdon. 

Short YouTube interview with Robert Whitaker

Award Winning Author of "Anatomy of an Epidemic"

Emma on Facebook

Emma wrote on 11-05-13 -

I played such a small role and have felt it to be insignificant in comparison to the commitment others made.  However, I gained a vast amount from being part of the group and feel immensely fortunate to have been at Tassajara in the early days.


I was 20 years old when I first came to ZC in 1967 and I came to Tassajara, before becoming acquainted with SF-ZC.  It happened as I was living in Berkeley at the time and I was encouraged by Mel Weitsman to visit Tassajara for a weekend.  Once I got there, I didnít want to leave.  It felt like the home I had been looking for all my life.  The people, you included, felt like family that was closer to my heart of hearts than my biological family. It certainly confirmed for me where I would need to look to find birds of a feather.

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