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Photos sent by David Padwa
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These sent September, 2019
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In 1966 David had the idea of driving a LandRover overland to India and Nepal. Dick Alpert, old friend of his from Harvard/Millbrook days decided to come along. Here’s a 1967 photo (before meeting his guru) while hiking up to the great Amernath Cave in Kashimir at 13,000 feet.

L to R - Richard Alpert and David Padwa


22 years later (1988) photo with re-westernized Baba Ram Dass on the right

and below - 24 years after that (2012) in Hawaii with Padwa standing

Nanao Sakaki, Ram Das, Bhagavan Das

The three photos below were taken 1971-2 at David Padwa's home in Santa Fe
which is now Joan Halifax's Upaya home and was Richard Baker's in between.

Ram Das, Alan Ginsberg, Chogyam Trungpa

Ram Das, Trultrim Allione, Trungpa Rinpoche

A cemetery in Sagaponack, Long Island, New York, adjacent to David's wife Bettina’s house.

And in that cemetery, a stone reading:
Peter Matthiessen, author, 1927 - 2014