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 Carl Bielefeldt

I remember Carl at Tassajara early on. He was centrally involved in the Stanford conference on Suzuki ten years ago or so and with the SFZC/UCB 50th anniversary of Suzuki's arrival in America conference in 2009. I hope to get more on Carl here. - dc

From The Human Experience - inside the Humanities at Stanford University

Religious Studies Expert - Carl Bielefeldt

Go to this page for a bio, list of Carl's works, and a list of links under Prof. Bielefeldt in the News

The link on that page to an interview with him is broken. Here is a working link: Shinyo-en Foundation interview with Carl Bielefeldt

There are some other broken links on that page.

From Stanford's Dept. of Religious Studies faculty page

Carl W. Bielefeldt
Evans-Wentz Professor (California-Berkeley)

Specializes in East Asian Buddhism, with particular emphasis on the intellectual history of the Zen tradition. He is the author of Dogen's Manuals of Zen Meditation and other works on early Japanese Zen and serves as editor of the Soto Zen Text Project Co-Director of the Ho Center for Buddhist Studies

Dogen's Manuals of Zen Meditation - UC Press link  - Amazon link

Carl is a co-author of Traditions of Meditation in Chinese Buddhism (Studies in East Asian Buddhism, No 4 - U of Hawaii Press link - Amazon link

Carl and his wife Fumiko did real time translation of interviews with Shunryu Suzuki's family, joining Peter and Jane Schneider for those sessions in 1971 and 1972. See Interviews on the right side, the Japan side that have *** after the title. I'm now (8-13-11) checking to make sure all of those interviews are on cuke. They were re-assessed with comments added by Fred Harriman in the late nineties.

Beyond Good and Evil by Carl Bielefeldt on Audio Download

The western notion of karma meaning "you sow what you reap" is simplified and untrue according to Professor Carl Bielefeldt, an expert on the history of Japanese Buddhism. Bielefeldt sheds new light on the often misunderstood Buddhist force and shows how it might fit into a higher ethical code. He invites his audience to step outside their own cultural domain and behold this intriguing way of thinking.

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