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Papers in Japanese

Scans Index  ---   by Suzuki's hand

Going through archive backlog scanning material to post, work with, and present in other form on cuke later from anywhere.  
Scans of Shunryu Suzuki lecture notes or transcripts will be posted elsewhere.

Handwritten Shunryu Suzuki (SR) - pretty sure - in Japanese - not sure if name of files 1 through 7 printed below are accurate description of contents - dc


1 - SR - SFZC articles of incorporation?

2 - SR hand - on back of event program

3 - SR - event schedule

4  - SR letter ZC name

5 - SR

6 - SR? sesshin schedule

7 - SR - Yamada draft letter

Shunryu Suzuki writing - says from appointment book [Whole datebook here]

Shunryu Suzuki various writing in Japanese on Sokoji stationary

Some Japanese - Suzuki at bottom - mostly dc notes - kanji with English meaning


Yasumasa Amada Notes - See Amada's List in Group D - Amada was a student living at Rinsoin during the war


----  Kokoro no Furusato - extract from Amada's notes


Genichi Amano was like Shunryu Suzuki's godfather at Rinsoin, head of danka, congregation. He visited with Suzuki shortly before Suzuki's death.


Amano notes on Shunryu Suzuki - JP


Amano's notes for his talk at Suzuki's Taisanshiki (retirement from Rinsoin?) - JP


Amano further notes - JP


Excerpt concerning Shunryu Suzuki from Yuki Ishimatsu book - JP


DC note to Hideko Oga and Shoganji material in Japanese - JP and English


Japanese letter to DC - too hard for me to read now

Fred Harriman (translator extraordinaire) translates three letters from DC to Japanese contacts.

letter one

letter two

letter three

When I wrote letters in Japanese they were more like on a 2nd grade level. Thanks Fred. - dc

Hoitsu Suzuki letter of 97 - and Eng

Yamada Masaji letter about Shunryu Suzuki

Japanese newspaper review of Crooked Cucumber - wonder what paper

Mitsu Suzuki letter to DC - JP - with translation in Group E

Mitsu Suzuki card to DC

Kato Taro letter - He's the guy who at the age of 12 or so accompanied Suzuki to Manchuria in 1945.

this poorly scanned (by DC) collection of memorial envelopes

this official looking calligraphed document to ZC from Eiheiji August 9, 1969 (Showa 44).

letter from DC in Japanese to Mitsu Suzuki 2001---Mitsu Suzuki cuke page

letter from Mitsu Suzuki on To Shine One Corner of the World (Zen Is Right Here

Flyer from Shoganji, the temple where Shunryu Suzuki was born. Note on it says Butsumon Sogaku died November 22nd, Showa 8 (1933) - a note I took while in the founder's hall with the markers of past priests. Added this date to Suzuki chronology.

nothing - think this is just a piece of scrap paper, a fax to Hoitsu that I took a note on - dc

Any help in identifying any of this appreciated. - dc

Thanks to Warren Lynn for scanning