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Going through archive backlog scanning material to post, work with, and present in other form on cuke later from anywhere.  
Scans of Shunryu Suzuki lecture notes or transcripts will be posted elsewhere.

Tassajara fundraising brochure - 1967? - written by Ricard Baker


Zen in America fundraising brochure - 1968? - written by Richard Baker


San Jose Mercury News article on Tassajara (assume it's 1967)


Berkeley Barb article on Tassajara (67 as I recall. I remember how the reporter who hated the Zen macrobiotic diet said he tried to get something negative out of Suzuki about it but couldn't. Wonder if we can locate the Berkeley Barb presentation of the Heart Sutra with a naked woman superimposed over the words. I used to enjoy reading the personals in back which were shockingly uncensored for that time. The only one I remember, "You name it - I'll do it." - dc)


7-27-13 - A week ago passed through Taos, dropped by Bob Watkins'  trailer to say hi with Brigid Meier (old timers my remember her as Barbara). Bob was the work leader of the first practice period at Tassajara in 1967. He's turning 80 next month, had been at the flea market all day. More on him later. A few years ago, when Clay and I were passing through, he gave me a packet of materials. Here are a bunch of them - schedules and stuff from back then. They'll go in the Bob Watkins Folder.


August schedule


sesshin schedule-1


sesshin schedule-2


another schedule - daily


yet another schedule


zc-zmc-card-monk - not sure where this is from, maybe a Wind Bell.


student work assign


Tassajara work assignments


Zenshinji (Tass) opening ceremony program


While we made PDFs from the thousands of pages scanned in Fort Worth in the last few months, we also made JPEGs. Here's one of a flyer for a Tassajara fundraising reading by Gary Snyder in March of 1967. Thanks Gary. - dc


Thanks to Warren Lynn for scanning