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   The Heart Sutra...Chinese 6th century - from Jack Van Allen

I don't see those characters and the file name included "mahapari" which must be the Maha Parinibbana Sutra. - dc

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                               1300 people, in one of San Francisco's primere and most beautiful auditoriums, the Herbst Theater, Dr. Robert Thurman held forth on some of the features of his latest book, Infinate Life, Seven Virtues for living Well.  This program was the first virtue.  I attended, with 18 companions, under the elegant care of John Sugnet of Geographic Expeditions and his staff at the invitation of Dr. Thurman.

       In the 20 some plus years of hearing Dr. Thurman speak, I have never
heard him wax so elequent.  I know every person wishes him well with this
latest volume. - Jack Van Allen

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