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5-24-16 - Got our KITAS today!

8-01-15 - Two photos of Elin and Clay by Clare Whitfield.

6-13-15 - Obituary and more for Don Koue dearly departed brother-in-law





6-05-15 - Here's Katrinka's engagement ring. Read more about that here.

Here's a page for our Wedding plans, posts, the real thing etc


balloons11-17-14 - Happy birthday Katrinka McKay, my love! - DC

Of course we've been celebrating this most wonderful event for days, starting with a dinner at Anapurna on Saturday night. This Monday morning she will awaken to a kilo of marigolds which are used here extensively as offerings which are offered at the many types of temples including the home temples and in front of homes, stores, on dashboards. Anapurna had a kilo sprinkled around on Saturday night. By the time most read this, Katrinka's birthday here at geographical coordinates of 8 40' 30" S, 115 15' 39" E will have passed.