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Photos from a vast fish market near Jimbaran, Bali, by Graham Conners

12-28-14 - To follow up on yesterday's Saunters post - taken last February. Our landlords, David and Widya, drove Katrinka and me and two others who were staying in studios here - Lenli (sp?) and Grahame. Katrinka's got some too. I got one off the web yesterday because Grahame's didn't show the scale of the place. Katrinka has some deep in her photo files that show that maybe which if so will add later. This is one of the things to do we recommend to visitors. - dc


We took the seafood bought at the market to a restaurant across the narrow road and they cooked it up for us.

banana store near the fish market


A small grocery store near the fish market

Katrinka buys some veggies at the market