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A message from Alan Senauke about

Heirs To Ambedkar: The Rebirth of Engaged Buddhism in India

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My new book, Heirs to Ambedkar is out and I'd like you to know about it. 


Heirs To Ambedkar: The Rebirth of Engaged Buddhism in India


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While many people know of Buddhism as part of India's past, it may well be India's future. The Buddhist movement inspired by Dr. B.R. Ambedkar in the 1950s has taken root as an "engaged Buddhist" uprising among millions in the 21st century.  Heirs To Ambedkar draws from Alan Senauke's experience with and commitment to this movement. Since young people are the future of our world, the focus here is on the students of Nagaloka/Nagarjuna Training Institute, creating a generation of gifted Buddhist activists. 


My good friend Lokamitra, one of the leaders of this movement writes:


Dr. Ambedkar's Buddhist revolution, which Alan Senauke so perceptively describes as "hidden in plain sight", is now transforming the lives of millions of Dalits, and at the same time strengthening the ethical foundations of Indian democracy. It also has implications for all Buddhists and social activists throughout the world.


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As you can imagine I am deeply encouraged by the young Ambedkarite Buddhists - students at Nagaloka, graduates in higher education, and friends in Buddhist social action projects all across India. Beyond immediate support for Nagaloka students, my longer vision is to help them and others in the Ambedkarite communities immerse themselves in the needs of those communities - teaching meditation, providing basic education and health, empowering themselves in the flourishing of a democratic and equitable Indian society. 


We also continue to support peacemaking and reconciliation in Burma.  For a perspective on the current inter-ethnic conflict inside Burma please see or my recent blog for Buddhadharma. The situation in Burma, particularly the tensions between Buddhist nationalists and Muslims threatens to undermine the reforms and progress that has been made over the last two years.  To the extent possible, Clear View is working with other friends to identify and help those in Burma who have an inclusive, nonviolent, and harmonious vision of their nation.  


Thank you for your interest, compassion, and continuing support.  Stay tuned.