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5/01/04 - i am looking for a picture of suzuki roshi you had on your web site.  it was a sort of marbleized picture, almost as if andy warhol had done it.  i have looked under pictures and "what's new" all the way to the beginning and still can't find it.  any ideas?

david mcgrath

Yes I do. Where did I get this? Where did it come from? Maybe it's the result of a cheap color copy of a photo scanned at low resolution or something. I had it on the site for fun a few years back. So here it is again. Thanks. - DC

PS. Wonder what I should do with it. Put it in Photo Gallery which I've hardly ever added to since the site started? I've never been much for the graphics but if someone wants to help do stuff like that on the site I wouldn't be opposed. I should be a little more artistic. I guess I should put it in the photo gallery but I have to remember how I did that. Later. Just lazy I guess.


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