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6-30-12 - A Response to the April 2012 appeal for funds for the Cucumber Project and comment on Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind from the Curmudgeon Buddhist. Sent in May. Also posted in Notes on ZMBM

Hey Dave,

If you were hungry, sick, in peril, or friendless - I would be the FIRST to help you. If you were hungry, I and my family would eat less so you wouldn't have to endure. If all your friends abandoned you, and even strangers on the street turned their backs when they saw you coming, I would still be there - for you!

Suzuki Roshi?.... I read 'Beginner's Mind', and frankly, it didn't do a thing for me - like tits on a brick.... I've always attributed its success to people not understanding a word of it - but just liking the way it sounds. I see Suzuki's legacy as a social net-work with pretty narrow perimeters (Zen Center), and a bunch of 'Experts' running the show - claiming he's the Teacher! I'm interested in how this came to pass, but you convinced me I'm not going to find it in one of your books - so I'd rather read another book about you!

In the world of Buddhism I see Zen now as a 'fringe candidate' - kind of like the Gingrich campaign. It has a sordid reputation, and the 'talk' doesn't hold up to any real scrutiny. Zen has been bouncing checks in Buddhist counties all across Asia for hundreds of years. Maybe it's still cool in America...

Correct me if I'm mistaken. And please forgive my acid tongue, and all my other sins,

DC responds: Yeah, you used that tits on a brick phrase the last time you mentioned ZMBM. Except that time you said you'd just read a tiny bit of it. Correct me if I'm mistaken.

Your response is too great not to post but I won't use your name unless you ask me to which I'm sure you won't. I'll try not to waste too much more of my time on this worthless crap - just a few more years.