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WB 67-2 Fall




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VOLUME 1973 



WB 78-79 Winter


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'977 _





WB 83 Summer





WB 85-1 Summer


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hand m ujra Of the after restorarim



WB 78-79 Winter




WB 91-2 Fall


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I-her Park Dharma



WB 92-2


from Suzuki lecture 69-09-14



WB 68-3-4 Fall



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represented by a beautiful rock they had sent. It arrived the day before the 
opening and at first we wanted to place it on a cushion amidst the 
priests. It ended up near the altar and looked wonderfully alive and fresh 
from the water that had been poured over it. The moss was as green as if it 
had come right out Of Tassajara Creek. 
Socn Roshi, who had been fasting in preparation for this event since the 
beginning of the month, came in radiating something which is hard to 
describe—that "after the bath" feeling which we all know, comes closes: to it. 
He offered ceremonial tea to the Buddha in perfect co-ordination with the 
sound Of the bamboo flute and with marvelously powerful gesture.. 
Then Tai-san went out (like an arrow in slow motion) to bring in Yasutani 
Roshi. The Roshi approached the altar, offered incense and recited the 
following poem: 
Three-story brick building :hanged into a Zendo. 
Let us now continue the true Dharma. 
Who knows the real meaning Of today's dedication? 
A new flower opened in the midst of New York. 
Eido Shimano 
at Tassajara 



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Volume VM Nos. 3-4 Spring 1969

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Cover Photo. The cover photograph the two images on the central altar of 
SOkOji Zen Center's San Francisco is located. In is JiZO 
Bosatsu, (Kshitigarbha Bodhisattva, Ti•Tsang). The protector of travelers and small 
children, Jizo is a ven• popular fikure in Japan where Stone statues of him, usually 
standing, are to be found along the roads and in the fields. 
Behind Jim stands Kanzeon (Avalokitesvara Bodhi*ttva, Kuan-yin). One 
of the most important figures in Mahü-yäna Buddhism, Kanzeon is the Bodhisattva of 
great compassion, mercy and love, who has vowed to save all sentient beings with his 
Gathas. The translations of the gathas(shortverses) that appear at the beginning and



WB 75 Summer


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«aft, jigun 
is only


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R, '994, in 
are at 
Truditio in 'apan, or Flower is a those 
who the Old comb to top of a eat and drink 
r5, Originally, the to 
been no to 
c me deities no E yen April 8 is 
regarded p t 
rice fields This 
a ar welcoming 
meaning of Fiower Festival With the Buddhist 
ance of birth of Buddha A altar or 
in the middle a Of baby which sweet 
tea is



WB 74-1-2


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In December, 1975, the fifth annual memorial service for Suzuki-roshi was 
held at the City Center. In addition to the memorial service and accompanying 
Segaki ceremony (ceremony for wandering spirits), a life-size statue of Suzuki- 
roshi in zazen posture, carved by Fusaji Ide, Was dedicated and enshrined in 
the Founder's Hall, the room or, the second floor where Suzuki-roshi rested 
sometimes during his last months. 
As a young man, Ide-san had known Suzuki-roshi quite well in Japan, and 
Suzuki-roshi had encouraged his career as an artist and sculpror of both tradi- 
tional Buddhist statues and modern forms. After Suzuki-roshi's death, Ide-san 
felt strongly that he Wanted to come to America to carve this statue for us. 
He came first in the spring to search for a suitable piece of wood, feeling that 
since Suzuki-roshi had established Dharma roots in this counrry, the wood 
should be American too. This decision made his job more difficult, since in 
Japan the selection and curing of wood for carving is an arr in itself, and wood 
is Often cured twenty-five, fifty, Or more years. After much searching Of mills 
and lumber yards (there Was almost no single piece Of good wood large enough), 
Idc-san finally decided to use a trunk Of cypress found on the beach in the 
Bolinas lagoon, behind the house uf a Zcn student. 
He returned in the fall to do the actual carving, using a shed at Green Gulch 
as a studio, working from photographs and from memory. Ide-san did not know 
what he would find when he cut into the wood, and sure enough, the wood, 
like Suzuki-roshi. was full of surprises. Ide-san made it a point to work With 
the wood as he found it, but actually he was able to repair or conceal almost 
all its irregularities. 
The ceremony to enshrine the statue was very interesting for us. At the climax 
Of the ceremony, the eyes Of the statue are ' 'opened" ; Baker-roshi actually 
painted them in with brush and sumi ink. By this ceremony, the statue is 
brought to life as the embodiment Of the founder. Tenshin Reb Anderson and 
Kainei Ed Brown, representing the students, and Suzuki-sensei (Suzuki-roshi's 
Wife), each stood before the Statue and spoke informally as to a friend and 
very present teacher. 
Doing Our daily bows in the Founder's Hall each morning, we recognize an 
Old familiar face. 



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Detail of Green Dragon Temple bell (see p. 26). 


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Buddha Han Of the 
San Francisco Center, 



WB Summer 76


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WB 85-1 Summer


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Buddhist In Japanese Tea Gardens Golden Gate Park. San Frunctsco


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Amida in 
the Buddha Halt. 
City Center 



WB 98-2 Winter


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Abbess Zenkei Blanche 
Hartman poses for a photo op 
during the 4th of July pamde 
at Tassajara. Her "Lady 
Liberty" costume was created 
by Tassaiara Director Vicki 
Austin. Her crown was made 
[rom red and blue file folders, 
and her sash reads, "Liberty 
Enlightening the World, the 
name of the 01 Liberty. 



WB 2012


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Tara at City Center