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WB 61



WB 66-1 Jan - Feb



Election of officers, Sawaki Kodo dies, Redwood City zazen, East Bay zazen, Soto seminar Monterey, GP and PW news, letters from PW at Eiheiji,


WB 66-2 March April


zc officers elected, treasurer's report, Hanamatsuri, SR to New England, on recent lectures, sesshin, lecture tapes, books on Zen, zc memb to Jp. Ralph Wire to Hawaii then Eiheiji, Jeanie and Howard Campbell visit Aitkens on way




 WB 66- Summer




66-03 - Sesshin news, SR to Japan, new Los Altos Haiku zendo, mem serv for Hayashi Katagiri's teacher, mem serv for DT Suzuki, funeral for Tanya Woscik, Obon, Preby ministers visit, donation for land, Toni J out Evelyn Lentz in as sec, LA Soto meet, Jp prof visit, sumie exhibit, library revamped, zazen instrction-katagiri, SRL two, site for Zen monastery, 


66-4 - Need $ for mt. center, berk zc, haiku, SR quits Rinsoin, Typhoon at Rinsoin, Phillip and GP leave Japan, zazen instruction, sesshin, roshi and sensei terms, zabutans, land project meet, SRL, Sumi lecture, 


 WB 67 Jan-Feb



Mt. Center Report - first payment met, benefits, mt. center plan improved, immediate plans, reasons for buying, paying for Tass, Richard Baker resigns WB ed, WB 5th anniversary, SR returns from Jp., election trustees, expenses doubled, East Coast visit, ZCLA, sesshin, Buddha's Nirvana, SR speak at Sanford, Lynn Warkov new library head, mailing list, alpha wave study, Jeanie Howard Cambell move to SF no longer Berk zendo, Los Altos news - SR at high school, North Hampton - Dorothy Shalk - SR there in 65, SRL, Katagiri L, SRL reprint from 12-62, no zazen 4 n 9 days, except Sunday when lecture and medtn and wed eve when always lecture.


WB 67-2




 ZMC Report, SR on practice period, opening ceremony, 1st practice period, tangaryo, schedule, time sounds, food and meals, sesshin, shusho cer, kobun, men women students, RB TB PS, Jane stone seal, student responses, guest season, restoring Tass, future plans, costs, encouraging letters, Myths, why tass, why zmc, fundraising, contributors, benefit contributors, benefits, poetry reading, snyder reading, watts lecture, selver-suzuki, ali akbar khan, elections and officers, katagiri, space problems, offices and telephone, living groups, guest membership, Haiku zendo, Berkeley zendo, Marin zendo, London zen, Northhampton, SR speak NY, SR East Coast and other groups,  wyoming visit, babies - katagiri steiglmeyer, new practice period, Ruth Fuller Sasaki mem, early history of tass, newspaper stories, SR sumi circle and comment, Village Voice, Berkeley Barb, SJ Mercury, Genjo Koan, SR Calig, Beginner's Mind lecture SR, Katagiri lecture, SR lecture sesshin,



WB 68-1-2 - fundraising pitch, Jim Forrest in Guest Season,




68-3-4 - brief intro




WB 69 Spring



69-3-4 - Sokoji altar, gathas, Ed Tim B intro, trikaya,


70-1 - Trudy mem issue, from Katagiri lectures, news, 300 page st, financial report, Charlette selver and chas brooks donations, Christopher Tree concert at Sokoji, Tass report - Eldon, flooding, kitchen, 69 guest season, bread book, guests, tass school, tats, yoshimura, Baker, Chino, Jiyu Kennett, U Nu visit, Sonam Kazi, Dana Frazer, Govinda, SRL, lecture chants






70-71 - Ocean Wind Zendo, Intro by Peter, City Practice - Peter, SR, Jed, Mrs. Luster, Yoshimura, Mary Q, Reb, Bill Lane, Steve W, Loring, others


71 - All Katagiri, photo of lay ordination aug 71


72 - SR mem issue, funeral, BR mt seat cer, GG, the work company, city pract period, mitsu, katagiri, hoichi instead of hoitsu, chino, ryuho, children's center, zmc, city center, founders halls, ashes cer planned, niwa, mumon, Yogo Suigan, Kanze, Tada San, Silas Tanto, Dan Ino, ZC officers, Snyders married, Joshin San, Nakamura, SR at Tass, han, schedules


73 - sr ashes, Yasutani mem, Jeannie Campbell mem, ordinations, katagiri minn, study center-claude, abe, mumon, takata, tantos-yv to tass - directors-sesshins-snyders-claude, park, Nakamura, stitchery (Jeanie campbell), ZMC, Jamesburg house (Hartmans, Jerome), GG, Tass Cooking, Arthur Okamura Shakyamuni butterflies, Gary Snyder poem, Elsie's Sun Faced… book published, support, SR mem lecture by BR, support, SRL SDK1, send SR mem, schedules


74 - 1-2 - SRL, Alan Watts funeral, Vocha Fiske White mem, study center - Claude, Abe, births, shoboan, GG cabinet shop, Niels photo, GG farm report, summer interim in city, SR stories request, how we support ourselves, ZMC winter storms, sterling talk on flowers, Buddha's birthday celebration, thanks to Kobun, lay ord ceremony, BRL, SRL






WB 85-1 Summer


Machine generated alternative text:
Full Moon Bodhisattva Ceremony . . 
Lama Govinda: On Ri#lt Translation Of Buddhist Terms . . . 
p. 21 
Election of New Board Of Directors . . . 
Tasgajara Recipe Book . 
. . p. 22 
Tassajara Bath House Fund Update . 
. . p. 25 
True Heart; Dainin Kataglri—roshi . 
.. p. 27 
Sitting in the Heart of Suffering: TenshLn Anderson, sensei . 
P. 34 
. p. 39 
Lecture by Sojun Weltsman, sensei . . 
Sandokai Lecture VI: Shunryu Suzuki—roshi . 
p. 44



 WB 86-1 Spring


 Machine generated alternative text:
Abbot Installation Ceremony of TenshinZenki ... p. 9 
Song Of the Jewel Mirror Samadhi, translated by Thomas Cleary 
River Meditation, by Wendy Johnson p, 46 
Zęn p. 17 
In Memoriam: Nancy Wilson Ross ... p. 18 
Moon in a Dewdmp: Only Buddha and Buddha (excerpt) 
Sesshin Lecture by Suzuki Roshi, June 1971 ... p. 3 
Warm Smiles in Cold Mountains: Abbot Tenshin Anderson ... 
Lecture by Yvonne Rand p. 28 
Techniques of Reconcüiatior: Thich Nhat Hanh ... p. 33 
p. 26 
. p. 20 
p. 21



 WB 86 Fall 25th anniversary Issue



Machine generated alternative text:
'I Don't Know' Zann by Suzuki-roshi, Summer 1969 . 
Twenty-fifth Anniversary Section 
Of first p. I 
poem by Abbot Dainin Katagiri ... p. 7 
Wthd Bell p. 8 
Sokoji, or "nre Other Half Of Our Practice Ananda Dalenberg 
My Husband, Shunryu Suzuki by Mitsu Suzuki ... p. 13 
Reminiscences Of Suzuki-rshi p. 16 
WindBe11C„erArt p. 32-33 
Green Gulch Farm Retreat by Darlene Cohen p. 39 
Lama Govinda by Yvonne Rand p. 42 
. p. 10 
p, 47 
Lay Initiatk»n &remony, with Abbot Anderson 
Tendo Nyo@s Temple by Zenson Gifford . 
Completion of Bath House ... 
Green Gulch Farm ... p. 59 
Teahouse Opening ... p. 60 
Tęsaiara Reunion / Alumni Newsletter 
Financial Statement . 
Zen enter Membership Information . 
p. 61 
. p. 64




WB 87-1 Spring



Machine generated alternative text:
Lect ures 
American Precepts by Suzuki-roshi 
Miraculous Power by Katherine Thanas 
Sesshin Lecture by Abbot Tenshin Anderson 
Zen Businesses—Continuity and Change by David Weinberg 
The Greens Cookbook 
In the Marketplace by Glen and Barbara Alexandrin 
Report from the Development Office by Robert Lytle 
Newly Translated Selections from the Zen Literature 
Of China, Korea and Japan by and Christopher Cleary 
"Ibe Home Altar by Abbot Tenshin Anderson 
Zazen Posture by Pat Phelan 
Related Zen Centers 
Page 3




WB 87-2 Fall



Machine generated alternative text:
Sandokai Lecture No. 8 by Suzuki-roshi 
Vimalakirti by Robert Thurrnan p. 9 
. page 3 
p. 21 
p. .33 
Intervicw With Abbot Yi Chen by James Mitchell ... p. 18 
A Harvest or Poems, Meditation Retreat with Thich Nbal Hanh 
Publication of The Book of Serenity (Shoyoroku) ... p. 30 
Of Books on Buddhism and Women by Yvonne Rand 
News and Features 
Restructuring p. 36 
Neighborhood Organization 
Hospice Work at Zen Center . 
p. 37 
p. 38 
hy Kazuaki Tanahashi . , , 
p. 39 
Zen Center CZmparative Balance Sheet p. 40 
Membership Information p. 42 
Back Issues of the Wind Bell p. 43 
Related Zen Centers . .. p. 45 
Ch"anu Trungpa—A Remembrance by Yvonne Rand _ 
p. 47




WB 88-1 Spring



Machine generated alternative text:
The Concept of Self Reflected in Zen Literature 
by Masao page 
Peace, a Selection from Renaming 'o Silence 
by Dainin Katagiri-roshi _ 
page Il 
Selections from Ink Dark Moon by Jane Hirshfield page 20 
. page 25 
Early History of Zen Center by Peter Schneider . 
TWO Abbots page 10 
Dharma Transmission 
. page 
1988 Zen Center Board Directors page 12 
What the Children at Green Gulch Did This Fall . 
Zen Center for the Fiscal Year page IS 
. page 29 
page 13 
Suchness by Abbot Tenshin Anderson . . page 21 
Setting the Tone for Practice Period by Abbot Sojun Weitsman . 
Sandokai Lecture No. 10 by Suzuki-roshi page 41 
In our last issue mentioned the hospice work that Zen Center hus been 
involved with in conjunction with San Franc'sco C,cncral Hospital. We dld not in 
any way mean to minimize thc Vital scrvices of the underfunded Visiting and 
Nurses Hospice Oi San Francisco. Wc are grateful for their work and hope that 
both their support and recognition will gr'M.




WB 88-2 Fall



Machine generated alternative text:
Facing the Darkness in Buddhism and Psychotherapy 
by Steven Weintraub ... p. 10 
Right Livelihcxxi: Finding Your Song by Marc LzsEr .. p. 15 
TWO Poe-ns p. 34 
Selection from The Life and Times of T$u Rashi by Susan Moon... 
p. 36 
Ways to Be at Zen Center . _ _ p_ 37 
Sandokai Ięcture NO. I I by Suzuki-roshi p. 3 
The Five Skandhas by Abtnt Tenghin Reb Anderson . 
Finding Your Own Place by Kathie Escher... p. 26 
On Money b)' Suzuki-roshi p. 46 
News and Features 
zen Teachers' conference ... p. 31 
Mountain Seat Cerernony at Kannon Center ... 
P. 18 
p. 32 
Center Mcrnbership Policy 
p. 40 
Wi,uiBe110ffer.. .p. 41 
Centers ... p. 42 
Center Comparative Balance Sheet . 
• p.44




WB 89-1 Spring



Machine generated alternative text:
Articles and Features 
Of Buddhism in America by Venerable U Silananda 
The Peak Of Wisdom by David Komito p. 11 
Language an d Communica t-ion: 
An Interview With Abbot Reb Anderson and Pcet-Artist Laurie Anderson 
by Dean ROISton ...p. 18 
Shunryu Suzuki, poem by Jaan Kaplinski p. 47 
A Study Curriculum for Zen Center p.25 
Abbot's Term Extended p. 29 
New Zen Center Board p. 29 
Grcxery p. 30 
Selling of 317 and 331 Page Street Buildings 
Former Abbot Richard Baker p. 33 
Dhumadhat-u p. 33 
p. 33 
Related Zen centers p. 34 
Lecture by Abbot Mel Weitsman p. 36 
'It is Not Always *y," Sandokai Lecture XII by Suzuki-roshi .




WB 89-2 Fall



Machine generated alternative text:
Family Practice 
Watering the Seeds Of Buddhism by Thich Nhat Hanh page 3 
Family Practice at Zen Center by Wendy Johnson p. 12 
Karma, Dharma and Diapers by Lee Klinger-Lesser p. 15 
Articles & Features 
Earthquake Report p. 20 
Emerging Shadows by Kazuaki Tanahashi p. 22 
Practice Period at Rinso-in by Alan Senauke p. 26 
Yanagida Sensei's Visit p. 29 
Zen Center Hospice Volunteer program p. 30 
Zen Center Members p. 33 
Related Zen Centexs p. 34 
Zen Center Comparative Balance Sheet p. 36 
Round Cooking by Abbot Tenshln Reb Anderson p. 38 
Don't Spend Your Time in Vain, Sandokai lecture XIII 
by Shunryvu Suzuki-roshi p. 41




WB 90-1






WB 90-2 Fall







WB 91-1 Spring






WB 91-2 Fall





WB 92 Spring






WB 1992 Fall






WB 93 Spring






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