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Steve Tipton
 interview with Steve Tipton

Books by Steve Tipton - there a new one, 2018 - The Life to Come: Recreating Retirement

video of Steve speaking about his book, Public Pulpits

Steve's page at the Guggenheim Memorial Foundation site.


Memorial Poem by Steve for Niels Holm

From Steve Tipton on Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind quoted in the afterword to the 40th edition of ZMBM in ZMBM at 40

Steve Tipton, a Suzuki student who teaches sociology and religion at Emory University, wrote,

For all the genius of its cultural and canonical translation, the practical wisdom of this book arises from its communal creation, bred by teacher and students listening and talking to each other in the course of sitting, walking, and working together every day.  Through the dance of this dialogue, embodied in a way of life reborn over eons and expressed with poetic grace, comes a truly original and compassionate voice so close at hand it can open our eyes and touch our hearts.

Steve's letter of support for the Zen Alumbrella (one of DCs fundraising efforts for the work toward preserving the legacy of Shunryu Suzuki)

Steve Tipton quote for Crooked Cucumber

"Like a pebble dropped into a still pond with ever-widening waves of resonance, here is the arc of a life unfolding across civilizations and centuries of Buddhist practice to bring the way of Zen into the everyday lives of a generation of American seekers. Shunryu Suzuki taught by example, extraordinary in its ordinariness, leaving no trace except the transparent wisdom and lucent joy of living in a world with nothing to hold on to and everything to share.-Steven Tipton, October 30, 1998
co-author of Habits of the Heart.

Steve Tipton quote for Thank You and OK!

"David Chadwick's THANK YOU AND OK! is a breath of fresh air let in to the artsy, abstract confines of the Zen cloister. It's breezy, immediate, a joy to read and a journey to join in that can open your eyes, touch your feelings, and by its end change at least a little how you understand the way you have come." --Steve ` --co-author of Habits of the Heart and The Good Society

Steve Tipton page - Center for the Study of Law and Religion

Steve Tipton page - Emory's Candler School of Theology

Steve remember Steve Gaskin

Steve Tipton responds to Jeff Broadbent and DC's exchange On Progress East and West and Why - 11-05-14

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