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For table on pdf-2013/wind-bell/scans-2013-wb.htm


Offline Version


Should be able to make changes to the top and bottom of the scans-2013-wb.htm file. The table in the center of the page comes from WB-SRL.asp which is on my host with the database file. Remember Sonic doesn't support ASP pages, so the way we got the database working on and this page is by linking to ASP pages on my host's server. The ASP page is not static text, it is programming code to pull the desired data from the database. It's dynamic, meaning if we change any details on the database, it will be reflected whenever the page is requested. If you look at scans-2013-wb.htm, around line 75 you should see a line that says:


<iframe src="" width="900" height="10300" frameborder="0"></iframe>


That's the line that calls the WB-SRL.asp data. If you want to change anything else on the top or bottom of the page, maybe rename the file and remove that line, and upload it or send to me. Without that line, you shouldn't have any problem. If you want to change anything in the data table, please ask me. Or if you want, I'll be happy to change anything on the whole page.