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Paschal High School 50th reunion June 8, 2013


The prior weekend's 50th HS reunion was fun and touching. But where did all the old folks come from? - DC

A note from Sandra Stern:

Here are the wonderful photos and videos captured by Gordon Henry (first two links) and Ron Scott (third and fourth links) at and for our 50th Reunion this past weekend.


Photos Gordon took at our Pre-Reunion Warm-Up at Angelo's on June 7.

Photos Gordon took at Colonial Country Club on June 8.


The video that Ron Scott produced, paying homage to our fallen classmates.  

We regret that during the process of preparing the content for this video, we omitted Marvin Meinstein, who passed away last year.

The video collage, compiled of photos that you sent to Ron.

Thank you, gentlemen for your fine work, and on behalf of our PHS 63 classmates, for helping us to savor these wonderful memories.  

Ron Scott dot com


Here are the photos taken in front of the big screen - look at the edited and original sets.

If you want any of the above, email


So many classmates I wish I'd had time to say hi to like Bill Shelton and Leo Wadley and Pam Boehmer. Or maybe I did and forgot it. So many hellos. Pam, your reunion directory is at Colonial.

It was great seeing everyone and I had a lot of wonderful exchanges. I feel close to all of them. Here are a few close friends from Gordon's stills:

Mike and Cindy - He was and is so sharp - excelled at all sports but no jock. She, from the class of 62, is as sharp and cute and as she was then when they dated. They got married last year.

Gayle Goldman - Lot of time at her house. Still a buddy though we hardly ever see each other

Roger Wallace - was even back then a prominent Republican and a thoughtful friend.

Judy Brooks and I got close in the 12th grade. She was wonderful and is still wonderful though she's had to deal with so much death and dying.

Need to go back and get Sarah Ray and Herma Sue Ellman from those photos.

Wish to add photos of Ward Ruscoe, Jim Richardson, Raymond Rimmer, Frank Simmons, David O'Brien, George Barlow.

Charles Nunn was the photo from the Fallen Classmates video that got me. He was full of curiosity for something deeper. One day he walked up to me in school and showed me a little paperback book, turning the pages to some interesting passages. He had a grin of delight. It was my introduction to Zen.

Here's my photo from that night.

Will do more work on this page later. I apologize for omissions due to vanishing memory syndrome. - DC