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Notes on the Corporate History of the San Francisco Zen Center 
ncomplete. Just what DC dug up here on cuke 11-09-18.
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The Zen Center was located at Sokoji Zen Mission 1881 Bush Street. It's always been vital but it has undergone one or more reincorporations for name and type of corporation changes. Zen Center to San Francisco Zen Center. But these changes were hardly noticed by the membership and people we dealt with.
Here's a page for Sokoji

Shunryu Suzuki, a Soto Zen priest from Rinsoin temple in Yaizu, Japan, arrive in San Francisco on May 23rd, 1959. He was the acting chief priest of Sokoji, Soto Zen Mission on 1881 Bush Street, members were entirely Japanese-American. In addition to ministering to that congregation speaking Japanese with them, another congregation developed consisting of people interested in Zen practice and meditation. He lectured and taught this new group in English and in 1962 it was incorporated as the Zen Center. Also in that year Suzuki became the official abbot of the temple. He was also the founding teacher for the Zen Center. In 1967 the Zen Center purchased Tassajara Springs in Monterey County and added the name Zen Mountain Center. In 1969 the Zen Center community and Shunryu Suzuki quit using Sokoji and moved to a building at 300 Page Street.

Shunryu Suzuki was mainly called Reverend Suzuki but also Suzuki Sensei and sometime Suzuki Roshi or Roshi Suzuki until the fall of 1967 when Suzuki Roshi became the standard title and Suzuki Roshi or just Roshi the polite way to address him and refer to him.

A brief interview with Grahame Petchey (RIP) about the initial 1962 incorporation of ZC

Below from SFZC Wind Bell Fall 1968, p.7

ZC Board Notes 1968 - By-laws of new Corporation Sole, name: Chief Priest of Zen Center

Below from SFZC Wind Bell Spring 1992

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