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People in, a hub of sorts - started 4-13-11

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Ananda Claude Dalenberg main page

Ananda Claude Dalenberg
July 2, 1927 - February 18, 2008
(photo by Diane Dalenberg)1994

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Interview with Vera Dalenberg

Ananda's Cloud-hidden Friends, Universal Life Friends, & Zen Freethinker Newsletters (1982 - 1991) now available at this page

2-18-12 - Remembering Ananda Claude Dalenberg, Buddhist pioneer, humanist, our friend and dharma brother  who died four years ago today,

See Sweeping Zen's memorial for Ananda today.

Diane Dalenberg poem today for her dad

James Ishmael Ford on the four year memorial day

cuke interview with Ananda - with a new brief history at the top (2-08)


Biographical Notes by Diane Dalenberg (daughter) and David Dalenberg (brother)

Ananda in the Zen Aluminati who - photos

Zen Aluminati Ananda Updates

Ananda's introducing the Pali refuges at Zen Center.

Parting with Claude Dalenberg by Gary Snyder - Paper on Issa and Snyder that includes this poem

Daihishin for Ananda from Gary Snyder - posthumous

Program for Ceremony Celebrating Ananda's Life

Adios, Ah Budos, Ananda by Dan Welch

Ananda's Wondrous Two-footed Capability - by Brit Pyland

Buddha's First Sutra

More On Ananda from the cuke email basket  including one from Philip Whalen.

5-10-08 - James Ford remembers Ananda Claude Dalenberg in his blog. I sent my regards and one tiny correction about how many people Suzuki ordained.

12-17-08 - Remembering My Friend by Ken O’Neill, Kyoshi

See photos of Ananda by his daughter Diane Dalenberg in the cuke Picasa Web Gallery. There are two albums - photos of Ananda and family through the years and photos of the reception after his funeral. Captions to come.

Jerry Bolick on the Buddhist Bookstore and Ananda


Santoka’s poem about the bell
at Eiheji, reminds me of remembering you 
when hearing the bell
when there.

Jerry Bolick

Claude's comment - on tape for 66-06-13 Suzuki lecture

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