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Shunryu Suzuki and points of interest
in early SFZC Board Notes
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January 16

65-01-16 - "Also with respect to the Wind Bell, Dick suggested that we publish Reverend Suzuki's lectures contained therein as a book." This is the earliest reference I know of to creating a book. Prior to reading this, the first was Marian Derby telling Suzuki she'd like to record his lectures to make a book. The first known transcript from Los Altos recordings is July 8, 1965.

Machine generated alternative text:
2) Sizuki reported that he had talk-ed to a carpenter 
and that it is not go expensive to open a window for the 
library on the balcorv after all. The coet would be about 
$60.00 and it could be Cone in one day. It was also sugg— 
ested that perhaps the carpenter could build us a bookcase 
too. Dick moved that we a�thorize him to do so; the motion 
was seconded by Jean and passed unanimously. It wag agreed 
that instead of locking the that the door to �le 
balcow could be locked with Revererd a-Izuk� 
of the key. The "library comitteen ( Jean, Pat, 
Trudy) would decide abuuG ehe checking out system. Rev. S. 
said we could use the bookcase downstairs instead of m�ing one 
3) The next item of business was the February segshin which 
was scheduled for February 13th. 
4) Claude suggested that in the next Wind Ben we ask for 
contributions of books for the new library. Al eo with 
resoect to the Yind Bell, Dick suggested that we publish 
Reverend arzuki's lectureg contained therein a book



February 6, 1965

65-02-06 - Discussion at the end Dick Baker suggests students contribute $1 a month toward the new temple. Claude Dalenberg asks what role the Zen Center would play in the new temple and Shunryu Suzuki says it might be best to have a separate building then Dick suggests they start a building fund for the ZC and the motion carried.

Machine generated alternative text:
contributing $1.00 per month the new temple. There 
was discussion about the meane of collecting the •.noney 
whet.tE r 
an additional dollar should be given with the monthly contribution, 
or whether the dollar Should be donated separately. Claude 
also asked what role Zen Center would play in the new temple. 
Reverend 31zuki said that it might be best to have a separate 
building for Zen Center. Dick Baker made a motion that we egtab— 
I {sh a "building fund" toward our own future for. 
En the motion carried .



March 6, 1965


65-03-06 - Lots of Suzuki comments, the last one being he wants more ads to bring people in. Shocking.


Machine generated alternative text:
Jean Ross called for discussion of a party to be given for Phillip Wilson 
and Mrs. Suzuki, both of whom will be leaving for Japan in Aoril. Reverend 
Suzuki said that we could use the zendo for this purpose. niere was some 
discussion Of whether the Japanese congregation would also participate. 
No final d�oision was made on this matter. Possible gifts for Phil and 
Mrs. Suzuki were mentioned inconclusively. Chick, Jean and Madeline 
volunteered to form a Food Coamittee for the party.


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Library expenses were reviewed. Reverend Suzuki said that construction 
work will come to around $77.00. Betty Warren suggested that a contribution 
box be left in the library to encourage people to help with expenses. pat 
Herreshoff made a motion that questions related to library financial problems 
be referred to the Library Committee for review. The motion carried.


Machine generated alternative text:
Reverend Suzuki asked for the contribution of a conservatively colored 
carpet for the library. Pat said she would bring a rug which we could 
try out. 
Q Rue Dalenberg asked Reverend Suzuki whether Zen Center members are 
expected to become members of Sokoji Ten-role Reverend Suzuki replied 
that he was not corrmitted to any special answer. He exolained that 
while some Deople were interested in having this �tter clarified, he 
himself felt indifferent to it. 
Reverend Suzuki stated that he at first. had the idea that Zen Center as 
an organization should be separate from the Japanese congregation and 
that Zen Center ultimately have its own temple. He now feels that the 
groups understand each other sufficiently so that we can all cooperate 
together within the same temple. 
Reverend Suzuki told us that the Japanese congregation is honing to have 
a new, three floor temple 'Ihe first floor would have offices for rent, 
which would insure an income. The second and third floors would house 
rooms for tea ceremony, flower arranging and other classes, and a zendo. 
However, the present temDIe may be used for a long time since the chance 
to buy property has not developed as expected. Also, this present temole 
is not to be demolished as was Originally thought. Reverend Suzuki 
believes that we can maintain this temple well if everyone helps out. 
Reverend Suzuki stressed that the basic need is to develop good students 
who can go out and help found other zen centers and help people in 
other places to practice zazen and learn about Buddhism. He emphasized 
that we should not become attached to this, or any other, building. 
Jean Ross again brought up the matter of the "building fund". It was 
informally decided that we should put up a sign On the bulletin board 
requesting contributions to this fund, which would be collected at business 
Jean Ross pointed out that the dates for Ai.lgust. week—long sesshin 
should be selected as soon as passible as Deople need to arrange for 
their vacation times at work. Tho possibility of the last week in July 
or the first week in August was discussed. Either week is agreeable with 
Reverend Suzuki.


Machine generated alternative text:
Reverend Suzuki thought that this would be a good time to start putting 
advertisements Of our activities into the Saturday paoers. There was 
considerable telephone response to the story appearing in the magazine 
San Francisco and Reverend Suzuki felt that this interest should be 
followed through with some ads. The members tentatively considered the 
form of notice to be used, but nothing was decided upon. Reverend 
Suzuki said that Bishop Yamada had contributed $100.00 for advertising 
purposes, which should take care of a few ads. 
Towards the end of the meeting J. J. came in to Say that she would 
like to give a oarty for Phillip 2nd Yrs. Suzuki and Zen Center members. 
she learned that we already planned a party in the zendo, she said 
she would like to plan an additional social function would like to 
work on the party Conmit�ee.



April 10, 1965


65-04-10 - Hmm. Jean Ross was interviewed on KCBS program Viewpoint on April 9th. Wonder if that's available. Discussion about preserving Suzuki's lectures, recording them. Turns out there's a tape recorder on the premises.


Machine generated alternative text:
Reverend Suzuki informed us that the Cambridge Buddhist Association 
of Cambridge, Massachusetts, sent. Zen Center a gift of $100000.


Machine generated alternative text:
There was a brief discussion about Jean Ross' interview on the radio 
program Viewnoint on KCBS, April 9th. Jean was conanended for the 
effective way she handled the interview.

  Machine generated alternative text:
Reverend Suzuki showed a letter from Reverend Eugene Wagner regarding 
a special celebration Of Alddha IS birthday to be held in Golden Gate 
Park Oriental Gardens on May 9th. Several Buddhist groups will 
participate in the ceremonies. Irene Horowitz volunteered to convey 
the information that either Reverend Suzuki or Reverend Katagiri 
would take part in this celebration.


Machine generated alternative text:
The nossibility of scheduling certain events, such as Saturday sesshins , 
two months in advance was proposed. Many persons felt that it was 
impossible, in light cf all the activities going on at Sokoji, and 
the demands on Reverend Suzuki 's time, to make conunittments so far in 
advance. Mike Dixon made the motion that we make greater efforts to 
see that notices of coming events get into the Wind Bell in time. 
The motion carried. 
A suggestion was made and accepted that the Wind Bell carry 
snecif�c information about zazen sessions in Palo Alto, since they 
are now being conducted there weekly on a regular basis by Reverend 
We received fifty conies Of The Wa of Zazen, as ordered, from the 
Cambridge Buddhist Association. mesewi continue to be on sale 
at $1 each.


Machine generated alternative text:
Pat Herreshoff said that she thought the powers of the Library 
Conmittee should be exnanded to include taking some action to presenre 
Reverend Suzuki •s lectures, and the lectures of other sneakers. The 
matter of a tape recorder was discussed and it was disclosed that there 
is already a tape recorder on the premises. T.QIIIe everyone seemed to 
agree that taoe recording of the lectures was a good idea, no definite 
decision to do it was arrived at.


Machine generated alternative text:
Reverend Suzuki 
Trustees : 
Members : 
Visi tors : 
Jean Ross, Graham Petchey, Bill Kwong, Betty Warren, 
Mike Dixon, Pat Herreshoff, Irene Horowitz 
Gardner Rust, Sol I'hrcov, Madeline Rule, Melvin Weitzman, 
Ruth Reid 
Nora Ross




May 15, 1965


65-05-15 - 2nd mention of taping Suzuki lectures


Machine generated alternative text:
Reverend Suzuki rqorted on a commnication 
oossible sesshin at Sur between January 
Most of those present at the meeting agreed 
would be able to attend from the standpoint 
cannot conmit ourselves as a group. 
he had received regarding a 
30th, 1966 and February 4th, 1966. 
that few members Of Zen Center 
Of time and expense, So we 
Diek that a different format for Bell publication 
will be In the offing. There will be monthly n�etter sant out 
locally, stressing events pertinent to Zen �1ddhism and Zen Center. 
A larger Bell articles and pictures will appear at intervals. 
Irene Horowitz brought up the matter of tape recording Reverend Suzu� 
lectures. Dick Baker thought that a one hour tape would require about 
six to eight hours of secretarial effort in transcribing the spoken word 
to paper. Irene and Pat Herreschoff agreed to experiment *ith the 
of •lectures and typing up from the tape. 
Irene Horowitz read comminication received from Ceylon. nil s was a 
tomal request that Zen Center information about itself for 
inclusion in the nev of World hddhism, edited by 
G. P. W-alasekera, which is now in the cmpilation stage. Trudy 
M.xon volunteered to construct an article about Zen Center's history 
and activities. 
The next Saturday sesshln was arranged May 29th. 
Reverend Suzu� remirxled the group of the Wesak Service at the Unitarian 
Church on May 16th. 
Towrds the end of the meeting we were joined by Mr. and Mrs. Jock Hearn 
of Canada, had made a special trip through San Francisco in order to 
visit Zen Center and meet Reverend Suzuki



June 5, 1965




Machine generated alternative text:
It was retorted that cheek for $1,000 wag gent to Zen Center in the 
memory of Hazel Paget Re�i. name of the contzdbutor is not known. 
A discussion ensued about what to dc with this money. Jean Ross 
suggested that it be put In the bu�l&ng find. SilAs goads said i t 
might be used to give partial sunport to a Zen student. Jean also though 
the money r�ght be used towards bringing a yang priest here Japan. 
Suzuki asked for $50 of the total sum to be sent to Ahe�ji 
along 'd th Hazel Reed's ashes, which would be enshrined -theN. 
Graham Fetchey said that nomission would have to be asked of Hazel's 
before could be done. 
It was that the money should be put in the bank and its definite 
allocation would be decided later. 
Reverend Suzuki discussed the possibility of Zen Centor�ng the 
house which is for sale on laguna Street. me of financing such 
a -vanture were analyzed. The possibility of renting an entire house 
also mentioned. 
me June gesshin was scheduled for June 26th. 
Jean Ross read a letter frm a Japanese physics professor who is corning 
t" tha United States for months. He v�sit San Francisco and 
Zen Center and oferred to give lecture at Zen Center. 
Reverend discussed the coming of Various Soto ard R�_nzai 
Zen dignitaries on June 19th for the %rld Federalists Conference. 
It is that some of the visitors will come to Sok03i on 
June 22nd. Asahina Roshi is not coming as



65-07-03 - A professor from Japan to speak on Zen and science.




August 21, 1965


65-08-21 - Richard Gove is Rob Gove unless his name was Richard. The Toni Hansen is Toni Johansen. Still talking about buying a building.


Machine generated alternative text:
Reverend *nuki that Zen Vaster Rosen vould 
be visiting San Pps� on September 2nd. i. • aheduled to 
to Friday tro give a talk are 
progress take Rosen rakaahlna to dinner at good 
Japanese re.taaravW. Zen Center E exber. would be able i oin 
the party if deeired. 
There wee s discussion about the po.gibllity of eequirlng a 
eaparata for Zen Center. The house around the c orner 
on p considered, h.' already been • old. Reverend 
Suzuki said that one of the Japane.e rz.b�rs of the congregation 
proposed the d ajaceat the one 
nov owned on the northea.t e Of ragum and Bush. It not 
certain whether the Jepene.e conpregation able to buy thi. 
building. Reverend Suzuki pointed out the 8 dv.ntaeee ct having 
a c orner h ouzo. The —anner in wh�ah -the 
arranged ray be ideal for Zen Center'. purpose.. 
Trudy Dixon talked about the East Bay zendo nov in the proc... of 
being organized. Volunteer. are needed zoon to palm and do other 
*ark. St Ia. and Linda volunteered to lend their .ervice. far this 


Machine generated alternative text:
11 September L 965 
( (Reverend Suzuki "aa unable to be present 
Fres ent : 
because of conducting a memorial service))


Machine generated alternative text:
Chairman asked for report on possible purchase or house cn 
Bush Street. 
Dick Baker reported that caner had already 
accepted bid another party. 
Iu view of the constantly increasing attendance ana need 
for larger place oi the following possibilities 
were gaggested : 
Buy property, build small meditation nail. 
With consent of Japanese congregation, revise 
main hall of Sokoji for zezen. 
living and 
Leaee store—front house 
Decision that Lick Baker consult 
sui table for 



65-09-11 - Elsie Mitchell's check for Katagiri's family might be because she was grateful to him for his assistance to her in recording the Sounds of Eiheiji six years before. Discussion of advertising locally and nationally that I think never happened.



October 2, 1965


65-10-02 - Rev. Suzuki report on trip to Mass. where Schalks (not Shalk-gotta fix this here and there) propose to build Buddhist temple. Felt that Soto school should have center there. Need to be more effective drum and bell. Bill Kwong to study kinds and prices with him. Claude Dalenberg and Dick Baker to look for real estate possibilities. Gatha by Suzuki in Middle Way report on funeral service for Hazel Paget.


Machine generated alternative text:
Reverend Suzuki gave a summary or his recent trio to ussacnusetts: 
Main purpose was to see property at Belmont wnere Schalks propose to 
build Buddhist temple. Property located noare by bus Braddle— 
buW. It would take many years to bulla building. Group of people, 
a mixture or Buddhists and those interestea in Zen Buddnism, need help 
in terms Of working with them in Lihe area bas possibilities 
many people IiEe Soto way for its "humanistic n llavcr. 
Reverend Su— 
zuki felt that Soto School should have center there, thougn nothing 
to be dcne immediately. 
Ine President suggested that we invite Easterners to our week—long 
sessnin tnis summer. 
Reverend Suzuki reported that, in returning, he felt the atmosphere 
in our Zendo to be pretty good, but that there was need lor more 
effective drum ana bell. After ciscugsion, meeting approvea 01 taking 
action on this idea and Eresident appointed Bill Kwone- to worK with 
Rev. Suzuki in a study kinds and prices. 
Chere was discussion about adapting main hall Sokcji Temple for 
meditation. Rev. Suzuki felt that thcse in charge of movies would 
not mind our revisions. Brier discussion of Zen C eater future build— 
Ing: eithr building shared with Japanese congregation or monastery 
agreed necessary to keep San Francisco as center. 
discussed : 
Claud Dahlenberg appointed to help Baker look real estate 
possibilities. This committee to be ccmbined witn Bill Kwong's and 
delegated also to 100k further into main ball possibilities. 
President reported on beautiful account in "Middle ci funeral 
service for Hazel Paget, a gatha by Rev. Suzuki. Decision 
to gubecribe to "Middle Way", al sc to "Young East" .



November 20, 1965 


65-11-20 - I was wrong. Advertising did happen. $20 a month to Prof. Masunaga for Shobogenzo translation. Also Prof. Masunaga will send a lecture each month. Wonder where they are.


Machine generated alternative text:
Lick Baker reported that advertizements In KEFA relder had brought increased 
attendance. Dr. Duke reported same ror Veninsula area. The latter a�Dinted 
to look into further advertizing possibilities. 
$369. received. $479. expended; assets on hand, #2479. 15. 
Treasurer's report: 
Also $275. in fund for Rev. Kat,agiri'g family's arrival; agreed to add $25.00 
to make even 5300. 
Treasurer tc give amount to Rev. Kataglri. 
Cn matter of drums And bells, Rev. —Suzuki advised that drum would cost about 
$570.00 With 850.00 additional shipping cost. 
It was decided that this would 
be a suitable occasion for dra.:�ing on the Hazel Eaget Memorial Fcmd, and auth— 
Orization was given to purchase 
In regard to revigLng main ball for zazen purposes, Rev. SuzuKi reported that 
basic revision would be needed; Dick Baker urged student participation to 
reduce costs. 
New Business 
It decided next Sesshin would be December 11, next business meeting Dec. Id 
Matter of increase in our financial contribution toward eacn priest was 
brought up; aecision ta E.ostpone until i 01 lowing meeting. 
Ways and means of raising needed money discussed 
decision to post signs on 
bulletin board, one in regard to Sessnin contributicns, and one permanent one 
to be posted by Also decision have taeaitional p late not passed 
bat at door on Sundays. 
With regard to Fiofessor Masunaga, who is .'.crking on translation of Genz 
was sugges Led by Rev. Suzuki that we send $20.00 per mcntn in support 01 
the translator, in turn will send a lecture (in English) each month. 
voted .



December 18, 1965


65-12-18 - Love the budget figures being discussed. And here's an early mention of Zen Macrobiotics: "Rev. Katagiri brought up the inadvisability of the so-called Zen diet which has nothing to do with Zen. Members of meeting agreed but did not come to a decision on how to handle the matter." Notice that Gordon Geist is at the meeting. More on him later.65-05-15 - More discussion of tape recording Suzuki's lectures.


Machine generated alternative text:
Vice Fresident reported that at small meeting of trustees it was decic� 
that there were insulficient funds for an adequate increase in priests 
salaries; decision to wait for 6 months. 
General discussicn about 
subject; decigea to contribute $10. apiece T.cre per mcnth with re—con— 
sideraticn Ln 5 months' time. 
So moved; motion carried. 
in regard to purchase of a dram, Eeverena Suzuki advised that ae was 
qonsulting with a friend in Japan tc assure good g uality. Purchase 
take place in January. 
In regard to revision or Sokoji 'lemoLe Lor i acreased meditation space, 
Reverend Suzuki advised small revieions rather than drastic ane: 
ibly opening 2nd balcony and +evisi.nE 1st balcony by Iowering it. 
Japanese congregation plans 5 story buiLdLnR, the lirst flocr a �nre , 
2nd I Ioor meditation, 3rd floor would be quarters for the 
In revising Sokoji, ahieh can probably be occupied for 5 yeas, 
Subject to be re—considered at next meeting 
student help saculd be used. 
New Business 
Considering Christmas ...lay, it was decided to have meditation only, withou 
Decisicn tc have next meeting cn JaniAary 8th, 
farther activities. 
Sesshin on January 15th. 
Reveren� Katagiri brought up the inadvisability of the so—called Zen diet 
il�embers of meeting agreed, but did.zot 
which na� nothing to do with Zen. 
come tc a decision on how t:. handle the x.atter.


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