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These podcasts feature a guest from where I live with my wife Katrinka.

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2021-04-15 Sarah Wormald - Sarah Wormald is a diver who wrote Diving in Indonesia: The Ultimate Guide to the World's Best Dive Spots: Bali, Komodo, Sulawesi, Papua, and more
2021-04-08 with Seaweed - Life in Bali is our weekly respite from all that Zen nonsense. It's where we have lived since late 2013. So once a week we give a peak at what it's like for us here and often what some other folks, locals and expats, have to say. We is Katrinka and I, DC, poohbah of Cuke Audio and Cuke Archives.
2021-04-01 Vaccinated! - Life in Bali is our weekly respite from all that Zen nonses. Today is a report on getting our first shot - and some other stuff.
2021-03-25 Busy - What DC doing, construction report, vaccine around the corner
2021-03-20 Mundane Stuff - Life in Bali usually has guests but not recently because of all that's happening here at home and so there's an update on that and how nice it is relating to the workers from Java.
2021-03-11 Brothers - A mini podcast - Bhikkhu Moneyya reads a poem for his brother's seventieth birthday and Joeren comments.
2021-03-04 A Tree and the WSC - A long mini podcast with a poem - Welcome Good Members of the World Suicide Club.
2021-02-25 Katrinka’s Earring (mini) - In the Life in Bali podcasts a bit of what it's like to live here is shared. Up to now they've almost always had a guest but this one is just a little story about an earring and a few asides. This is the first Life in Bali mini podcast.
2021-02-18 DC - No Guest. Just DC rambling on about podcast and home news and stuff about living here. Nothing earth shattering. A song at the end called Waiting for You.
2021-02-14 Katrinka - A Valentine podcast for Katrinka with a song - the Fourteenth Day
2021-02-04 Raya III - Ida Ayu Narayani, or Dr. Raya, as she's called, is a physician with the Global Health Center in Sanur. She's back again with some thoughtful comments.
2021-01-31 Arek King - Arek King is Sumatran Indonesian/Polish and has lived in both countries and created sound track music. He runs and swims a lot and helps people. He comes in a little after fifteen minutes into the podcast.
2021-01-22 Otto and Claudia - Otto and Claudia Ionker are father and daughter, third and fourth generation Dutch Indonesians who live in Bali. Claudia is first and Otto comes in at about an hour and fourteen minutes.
2021-01-16 Anon - Anon is an Indonesian who's lived in the US for over twenty years. He shares some unique memories with us of what it was like growing up here and so forth.
2021-01-09 Dr. Raya - Ida Ayu Narayani, or Dr. Raya, as she's called, is a physician with the Global Health Center in Sanur. This is her second time to be our guest on Life in Bali. The first was just two weeks ago.
2021-01-01 Untung Sugianto - Untung Sugianto is the founding owner of Koko Komputer in Denpasar. He's an Indonesian Chinese Christian which he points out, places him in two minorities. You can find him on Facebook at Koko komputer or Koko Kom. Thank goodness for Koko Kom. I've relied on him and his staff for six years.
2020-12-17 Dr. Raya - Ida Ayu Narayani, or Dr. Raya, as she's called, is a physician with the Global Health Center in Sanur.
2020-12-10 Lempot of Lumbung Damuh - Lempot is a native of Buitan, a little village on the Bali coast near Candidasa. He and his wife Tania of an earlier podcast built and have run the Lumbung Damuh guest house there for the last 22 years.
2020-12-03 Miga Gede - Miga Gede is on staff at the Floating Leaf Eko Luxury Retreat in Sukawati, Bali.
2020-11-26 Raymond Rausch - Raymond Rausch has been in Bali going on four decades. He's an artist, jeweler, and drummer who lives in Ubud.
2020-11-20 Gus Awan - Gus Awan helps to run the Floating Leaf Eko-luxury Retreat near the town of Sukawati east of Denpasar. Katrinka and I just spent a few days there to celebrate her birthday. Super nice place and quite affordable. Gus comes in a few seconds past 25 minutes into the podcast.
2020-11-12 David Kubiak - Life in Bali is our weekly respite from all that Zen nonsense. It's where we have lived since late 2013. So once a week we give a peak at what it's like for us here and what some other folks, locals and expats, have to say. We is Katrinka and I, DC, poohbah of Cuke Audio and Cuke Archives. David Kubiak lives in India and Japan and has some interesting comments on Bali as well - and on corporations and Big Medicine to heal our ailing societies and selves. Check him out at
2020-11-05 Erik Storlie - Since so many of us are glued on election results, didn't get a guest for today's Life in Bali podcast, but then in editing Saturday's Zen related podcast I thought that the first part with Erik Storlie was appropriate so he comes in there at about 31 minutes. He's a retired professor and longtime Zennie from Minneapolis.
2020-10-29 Susanne Nuetzi-rusterholz - Susanne Nuetzi-rusterholz is an environmentalist helping Balinese to help themselves. See Bimbika farm, Aquaponic system,, Facebook - Plastic Exchange: Bali,,
2020-10-23 Merta Ada - Merta Ada is a Balinese meditation teacher and healer who teaches us to heal ourselves. He founded Bali Usada. See .
2020-10-22 no guest - Poobah of Cuke Audio tells why we have no guest today and why we had none on Saturday, both which have been quite regular staples of Cuke Audio.
2020-10-15   Jeroen Van Overbeek - Jeroen Van Overbeek brings plastic-container-free clean water to us by distributing Nazava filters, for sale for those who can afford it, for free for those who can't. His website is . Instagram & Facebook moniker is , Twitter . Donate to . Jeroen comes in at 28:18.
2020-10-08   Hira Jhamtani - Hira Jhamtani is a writer, social and environmental activist, and owner with her husband Deepak of a natural foods store in Sanur, Bali, named Satvika Bhoga. Her website is
2020-10-01   Reskiana Ramli - Reskiana Ramli is our guest today, a friend from the island of Sulawesi who works for the Oz Consulate, paints, is Muslim, and has a neat daughter and husband who are also friends of Katrinka and me. She'll come in at 21 minutes.
2020-09-24   Krisna Patra - I Nyoman Krisna Patra is a young Balinese Musician, son of Kim Patra who was our guest for a previous podcast. Kris comes in at 28:00 into the podcast.
2020-09-17 Tania Ionker - Tania Ionker is, with her husband Lempot, the proprietor of Lumbung Damu, a cool place to stay in Bali near Candidasa. She's Indonesian but really she's very much an international person.
2020-09-10   Primadita Rahma Ekida - Primadita Rahma Ekida is an aspiring writer from Java living in Bali who's a Muslim woman interested in women's issues.
2020-09-04   Tini Wahyuni - Tini Wahyuni is a retired GP doctor, an artist, a Hindu with ceremonial duties, and a practiicing Buddhist.
2020-08-27   Wayan Sudira - Wayan Sudira is a Balinese driver and tour guide and landlord of Bhikkhu Moneyya.
2020-08-20   Gus Suteja - Gus Suteja is an excellent guitarist & Ida Ayu Radha is his young daughter who sings.
2020-08-13   Alice Prasetyoko - Alice Dill Wedland Prasetyoko founded the Lighthouse Bali and Bali Women's Lighthouse which are substance abuse treatment programs. Bali Women's Lighthouse provides free treatment for local women. She'll come in at 12:30 after an intro and virus report.
2020-08-06   Ketut Artana - Ketut Artana is a driverwhom we met soon after arriving. His wife Kadek is our housekeeper. Ending with a song - Lagu Lagu (Song Song).
2020-07-30 Katrinka McKay - Katrinka McKay is my wife and mate of 16 years. She just returned from the States where she went in March to visit her son and family and couldn't get back till a few days ago - July 26. She comes in at 25:38 and is a charming and lovely guest - ending with a song for her birthday in 2014 named Katrinka!
2020-07-23   Kim Patra - Kim Patra has been living in Bali since the mid eighties, is a midwife and performing musician and a good friend. She wrote a book about being a first responder to the horrific 2002 terrorist bombings - In the Arms of the Angles. Her music is on Spotify, YouTube, etc and she can be found there or on Facebook by writing "Mamakim" or "Kim Patra" and her website is
2020-07-16   Virginia Helzainka - Virginia Helzainka is a co-founder of Unspoken Bali Poetry Slam. Before we call her up at 32:37, there are pet, virus, and accident reports.
2020-07-09   Anshu Singh - Anshu Singh is an inspiring yoga teacher and much more. You can find her at among other places. Before she comes in at 31:15, there's a virus report and a bit on kites and our cat Kuci.
2020-07-02   Made Darmayasa - Made is our visa agent and before we talk with him - at 27:08 - there's news on virus, the weather, kites, and our naughty dogette - and after Made is a song for Katrinka - Waiting for You.
2020-06-26   Sustainable Suzy - Life in Bali 5 with Sustainable Suzy Hutomo at 13:10 - preceded by virus report and a strange sound and followed by song: Offerings (Persembahan Persembahan).
2020-06-18   Bali Bill - Life in Bali with featured guest, Bali Bill at 15:15, preceded by a political statement, and virus and accident reports and followed by the song, OK Boomerang.
2020-06-11   Komang - Life in Bali - How Bandi and Kuci got their names, virus report, phone chat with Komang at 23:00, a song for Katrinka at 1:29:20
2020-06-04   Mouse and Monk - Bandi goes to camp. Getting out to buy some food stuffs, dropping a mouse, tech support, at 33;34 Bhikkhu Moneyya continued, a poem.
2020-05-28   Some Blood and a Monk - Life in Bali flies solo with virus and accident reports and a chat with Bhikkhu Moneyya, the poet monk who comes in at 46:00.