Rick Wicks

My Father and Me by Rick Wicks
Are the sins of the parents visited upon the children unto the seventh generation? (Or are the sins of the children visited upon the parents?)

Ricks 2019 trip through the Balkans illustrated - the first our pages (off 44) of this PDF are Rick's account with photos of his stay at Johanneshof, Richard Baker's Dharma Sangha practice center in the Black Forest.

A Memoir - ZC and Tassajara and Beyond by Rick Wicks

How I came to Zen practice

What is my (Zen) practice now?  (2012)

Sweden as a Monastery

An Errata in Crooked Cucumber kindly submitted by Rick (which is reflected in the book as presented herein on cuke.com and in the 2nd edition and audiobook).

In typing up excerpts from Crooked Cucumber to post on Facebook to give a flavor of the book to others, I come across a note I made on p. 108 (bottom paragraph) of chapter 6 - that Germany surrendered in May, not April as it states. - Rick Wicks