Dojun Dan Welch

this page in progress - April 2021

Dan Welch Art


Three photos with Dan Welch from Steve Mushin

L to R - Dan Welch, Christian Dillo, Mushin at Crestone day of Dan's Mt. Seat Ceremony 2012 - apparently witnessing a golden bodhisattva appearing in shining light.

L to R - Dan Welch, Paul Rosenblum, Russell Smith, Mark Bluestein, Richard Baker
in the Crestone ZMC kitchen.

At Dan Welch's Mt. Seat Ceremony at Crestone Zen Mt. Center, May, 2012, T.S. Mushin Crisman drew a circle in the air and said, “What’s inside and what’s outside?” Dojun responded, “between you and me there is no separation.”

Two years later, Dan retired and is happily flourishing in Santa Fe.

Dan Welch is all over's pages but there was no gathering place. So today we're starting Dan's cuke page with this photo and mondo exchange sent by the one who posed the question above. - dc, April 4, 2021