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Jane Hirshfield

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21-04-23 - Let Them Not Say is a powerful poem by Jane Hirshfield from Ledger herein set to music by a Scottish composer, Christ Hutchings, a climate activist and founder of Choirs For Climate. He did this video for Earth Day.

20-03-11 - Jane Hirshfield's new book of poetry, Ledger

The Slow Joy of Jane Hirshfield’s Ledger 
by Colleen Morton Busch in Orion Magazine
in Orion Magazine

Penguin Random House page for this book


Tricycle review




Jane is a poet, essayest, Buddhist, and a friend and supporter and advisor of Cuke Archives. I'm most fortunate to have had her keen eye to go over Thank You and OK and Crooked Cucumber. I got to know her at the SF Zenter back in the seventies and eighties. Her statement of support for Cuke Archives is at the bottom of this page.


Books by Jane Hirshfield on her page




Some posts from Cuke What's New Blog or

A lecture Jane gave in 2019 at Smith College on YouTube


March, 2017 - On Joanne Kyger - I knew her just a little, and her great kindness is what stepped forward for me, when I heard this news. And of course, the poems. I'm really glad to see the NY Times gave her an obituary, even if even that was couched in terms of her relationships more than her own merits.

May, 2017 -  Jane Hirshfield's On the Fifth Day poem getting international attention


On Tassajara fire history page: 2015 - September 21 - Cachagua Fire - Firefighters Winning in Cachagua. Cachagua Fire approaching Jamesburg and Tassajara's road house seems to be under control. Check out Cachagua Fire Dept. Facebook page. - thanks Jane Hirshfield- from the cuke blog

March 2013 - A week after my mother died, Susan Motheral sent these poems in her memory to me. - dc

6-25-12 - Jane on Katharine Thanas upon Katharine's death: "When I feel my way toward Katherine right now, what I feel inside myself, without any foundation but there, is her strong practice spirit. That it is all right to live and it is all right to die."

4-29-08 - Jane passes on an anonymous memory of Shunryu Suzuki.


September 1999 Readers' Comments - From poetess and dear friend Jane Hirshfield: Subject: Huge Gratitude. I e-mailed the Tassajara office for fire updates and asked if there might be somewhere where updates were being posted and found out that way that you were doing it in, as I'd wondered in your topic on the Well but hadn't got around to checking. Thank you so much, David, for serving as a nerve center for the Diaspora-sangha. I was also moved to read the rest of Sangha News. I hadn't even heard that Dan Harvey had died (I was also at Greens with him).

Jane on Cuke Archives for the 2020 Cuke Presentation


David Chadwick's unswerving decades-long dedication to the preservation of Suzuki-roshi's teachings and their legacy in both those who practiced with him directly and succeeding generations is a contribution beyond measure. I support the archive's continuance with huge gratitude to David for having taken this  work on, and hope everyone receiving this request will give whatever they can to this indispensable record and treasure trove of the dharma.

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