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Tim (Thomas) Buckley

Suzuki student (now ordained by Peter Schneider) Tim Buckley's Great River Zendo in West Bath, Maine. Here's their listing on the SZBA site. Here's their Facebook link.

Interview with Tim Buckley


Tim with Suzuki Roshi in his Garden story from that letter in Brief Memories

Tim's Wikipedia page

3-31-11 - Is That So? by Laura Burges on Tim Buckley: Zen Way, Yurok Way
on the SFZC website.

9-21-13 - Tr. McC.'s Zen memories with an emphasis on his long friendship with Tim Buckley.

Books by Thomas Buckley

Standing Ground: Yurok Indian Spirituality, 18501990 by Thomas Buckley (UC Press page for the book)

Amazon link

Here's a note from Tim about the book put on cuke in Dec. '09







Blood Magic: The Anthropology of Menstruation

University of California Press (June 2, 1988)

Amazon link





Walking in Beauty: Growing up with the Yurok Indians
by Harry Roberts -
Tim Buckley helped Harry create this book, wrote the introduction, and wrote the following about the book including how to get it.


Tim has done some serious sailing.

Tim is mentioned many times on cuke. Just go to Home or What's New page and do a site search for Buckley to see some of these instances, some of them photo credits. - dc


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