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Sam Bercholz

Sam Bercholz is the founder of Shambhala Publications (publisher of two of my books). I remember buying books from him in the sixties at his little hole-in-the-wall store on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley. - dc

Interview with Sam Bercholz on

Acharya page for Sam Bercholz on

Sam Bercholz on Bodhicitta - Video

12-08-13 - When Trungpa Rinpoche met Suzuki Roshi  More on CTR Chronicles from Sam Bercholz with Hazel Bercholz

12-07-13 -  Teaching Stories: In this seven minute audio clip, Sam Bercholz describes the events surrounding Suzuki Roshi's funeral, including Rinpoche's comments about appointing a dharma heir, and the coming of the future buddha, Maitreya.

Want to get a transcript of this Bercholz material. - dc

10-03-13 - Alan Watts and Chogyam Trungpa as told by Sam Bercholz - from the Chronicles Project. [audio]

Sam and I were talking about mysterious events surrounding the death of Alan Watts and he told me that Trungpa was with Alan earlier that evening. He said that Trungpa loved Alan Watts' books and thought he must be enlightened - until he met him - though that didn't diminish Trungpa's respect for Watts and his work. Sam said he went to Sokoji and heard Shunryu Suzuki speak, liked Suzuki but didn't go back because he didn't like the vibes of the people there, mainly one person. He went on to become a close disciple of Chogyam Trungpa. - dc

Here's an interview also from the Chronicles Project with Sam and Henry Schaeffer posted earlier on cuke. Made a cuke page for Henry cause he's in cuke here and there and fixed a number of misspellings of his name.

Stole this mini bio of Trungpa from the home page of the Chronicles Project.

Chogyam Trungpa cuke page

Alan Watts dot org - the excellent archival site run by Alan Watts' son Mark.


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