Crooked Cucumber

The Life and Zen Teaching of Shunryu Suzuki

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Front Matter                                          


part one                     JAPAN 1904–1959

Chapter One               Childhood   1904–1916

Chapter Two               Master and Disciple   1916–1923

Chapter Three             Higher Education   1924–1930 

Chapter Four               Great Root Monasteries   1930–1932

Chapter Five               Temple Priest   1932–1939

Chapter Six                 Wartime   1940–1945

Chapter Seven            The Occupation   1945–1952

Chapter Eight              Family and Death   1952–1956

Chapter Nine               An Opening   1956–1959 

part two                     AMERICA 1959–1971

Chapter Ten                A New Leaf   1959

Chapter Eleven            Bowing   1960

Chapter Twelve           Sangha   1961–1962

Chapter Thirteen          Journeys   1963–1965

Chapter Fourteen         Taking Root   1965–1966

Chapter Fifteen            Tassajara   1967–1968

Chapter Sixteen           The City   1968–1969

Chapter Seventeen      One and Many   1969–1970

Chapter Eighteen         The Driver   1971

Chapter Nineteen         Final Season: Autumn   1971


Notes on the Text and Pronunciation