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9-30-09 - Leave tomorrow for 18 days in Northern Germany. First to Hanover and Kassel with Baker Roshi for a couple of seminars he's doing. Then to Frankfurt for a few days then Berlin for a week. Have enormously enjoyed the last month here at Johanneshof. This is a great place to practice. I didn't expect it to be so mellow here. Suzuki Roshi used to try to gently nudge us from being too serious, from taking ourselves too seriously, from taking our practice or Zen or whatever too seriously. Sort of like when he warned us about getting on trips. "Don't go on any trips," he said more than once. Trungpa Rimpoche used to say that too. I remember Rimpoche saying that once in a lecture over and over and over. On the other hand, when Ryuho Yamada first came to the SFZC, Suzuki told him not to goof off like he might in Japan, that his students were serious. See Ryuho's interview. So there's serious that's a trip and serious that's on track. And there are no heavy trips here that I've seen. Kudos to Baker Roshi and Dharma Sangha. - dc