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Brief Memories
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Zen Center
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Edward Brown remembers

9-06-12 - One of our spies relays the following that Edward Brown said about the old Crooked Cucumber:

Ed told about Suzuki Roshi on zazen (I have heard this one twice): Someone asked, "Why don't you give us better directions on what to do in zazen?" Suzuki: "Because if I told you that, you might try to do it."

Again from our spy in the Ed Brown camp:

Ed says that Suzuki Roshi was big on being vague and encouraging each person to find out for themselves what might work for them. Experimentation-- even groping.

Ed abbreviates that now, and it has become his favorite line for his own teaching on how to practice: "See what you can find out."

Our third installment from our spy in the Edward Brown camp:

Ed says Suzuki Roshi also said that Suzuki was fond of reminding that: "You are the boss."

Thanks Danny. - DC

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