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Beginner's Mind for Piano

by Walter Zimmerman

A note from Walter Zimmerman to DC at

I just come back from Japan where my long piano piece Beginner's Mind was played for the first time in a long time. i wrote it in the seventies when i was a Zen scholar in Köln with Dagmar von Biel following Shunryu Suzuki and his book accompanied me all my life, naming a concert series Beginner Studio etc. I contacted the publisher 40 years ago to get permission to use Shunryu's words for my Beginner's Mind Song at the end of the long journey the piece is going through. The piece never reached the circle around Shunryu Suzuki. This is the first time one close person is answering. Enclosed you find the score. If I receive the concert recording from Tokyo I will send you one. After 40 years I came back to this wonderful book.
Yours Walter

Beginner's Mind - piano piece score

On Beginner's Mind by C.Fox with words to Beginner's Mind Song - the final part attributed to Shunryu Suzuki but he didn't say them in that order - lines taken from the book. - DC