Brief San Francisco Stories

SF Stories

There are of course more stories throughout this website - especially in people's interviews. Will link to from here as noticed. - dc

1-04-16 - There's a saying never turn your back on the sea. Now and then I read about kids mainly being unexpectedly swept away by a rogue wave on a northern California beach. George Wheelwright who sold/gave the SFZC Green Gulch (for $300,000 as I recall), said that one day he was walking his dog on Muir Beach and a giant wave came in unexpectedly and swept them both out. They both got back in.   🔊

8-05-14 - About thirteen years ago was driving a friend named Judy around Marin and Sonoma. After Green Gulch Farm we dropped by Peter and Wendy's in Muir Beach. My friend said that I'd been introducing her to the Buddhist scene in the North Bay and asked Peter if he had any advice. "Yeah," he said. "Beware of teachers." - DC  🔊

12-03-14 - Brian Howlett artist and Zen guy wrote, wonder who makes fat pants which the SFZC's then Karin Gjording's Alaya Stitchery used to make - maybe stopped before Karin got it. I think we were making them before Alaya even. Paul Reps turned us on to them and Richard Baker promoted the idea. They were popular in the early days of his abbotship. Here's how to make them!  - I know it's not a story but rather than put it in misc thought this was a bit of ZC history I didn't want buried.

1-08-15 - Not long after I started sitting at Sokoji, I recall a conversation with a long-haired, bead adorned truth seeker on the sidewalk around the corner from Sokoji on Laguna Street. The aroma of patchouli oil. This young guy said Suzuki Roshi can't be enlightened because he shaves his head. I asked why that is. He said that one who is enlightened is beyond thinking, in a constant state of bliss. To shave his head, he pointed out, Suzuki Roshi would have to have the thought of his head, and then that there was hair growing there, and that he did now want to have hair there. He'd have to think of cutting it and so forth. He concluded that a truly enlightened person would just continue to bask in the clear light. He said he was more interested in finding a teacher from India. I wished him good luck. - dc