Komunikasi diantara David C dan Ibu Sri, Kator Imigrasi, Renon, Dpsr, Bali - Mei 5, 1916

Communicationb between DC and Mrs. Srit, Dept. of Immigration, Denpasar

On November 17th Katrinka and I returned to Bali with KITAS stamp in passport. Ibu Sri came two days later to get our passports to process the KITAS.

In January I started asking her when we're getting it and she'd reply that it's still in process. In mid February she asked us to come to the office to get photos taken and then changed to say we should get them taken and she'll come get them later that day. She didn't come that day but a few days later did and said that now it will go quickly. Every few days I'd ask her when and she'd say still in process or something like that.

Ibu has been saying we'd get them next week since March.

She's been saying we'll get them today, tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow since April.

Dia berkata ke Jakarta Mei 4. Saya tau Mei 5 dan 6 liburan jadi tanya:

She said she was going to Jakara on May 4th. I knew the 5th and 6th were holidays so I asked her on the 5th:

DC - Are you in the Immigrations Office today?

Not in the office.

DC - Can you complete the KITAS visas?

I'll continue them Monday (implying to finish).

DC - See below

DC - I'll believe when I see. You've already sad that many times. We worry you can't do it and postpone every time because there's no solution and we will have to pay a big fine so on Tuesday I'm going to the Dept. of Immigration to talk to someone else with a priest. I'd like you and him to talk before we go and to come to the meeting.

Because it's already processed, there will be no fine, OK? On Wednesday I will bring the KITAS. Jakarta has already approved it.

Mei 9 di bawa.

DC - Good morning. Are you for sure bringing the KITAS on Wednesday?

Yes. Thanks.

Mei 10 di bawa

DC - Good morning. Are the KITAS really finished and you coming tomorrow?


In the afternoon. Thanks.

DC - This afternoon?

No. Tomorrow.

DC - What time exactly are you coming tomorrow. I don't want to wait for hours.

At 5pm will met at your home. Thanks. I'll bring your passport.

Passport and KITAS.

DC - That's great! Thanks a lot.

Mei 11 di bawa

DC - Good morning. I can come to the office to receive the KITAS if they're ready now.

Can't finish them now. They'll be ready in the afternoon. I'm going to Sanur to see a friend and can go to your place too.

DC - When are you coming?

DC - After the friend at 6:30, right? (I'd asked her to come then instead of 5)

Dia datang 7:45 dan bilang kepada kami pergi ke kantor imigrasi hari senin untuk ambil foto. Jangan pakai pintu biasa di kiri dan ambil nomor tapi masuk pintu di depan dan pangil dia supaya tidak harus tungu. Saya tanya kanapa harus punya foto. Ambil foto Februari. Dia berkata ada sala sistem. Dia berkata juga kami terima KITAS dan paspor besoknya hari selasa.

She came at 7:45 and told us to come to the immigration office on Monday to get photos taken saying not to use the usual side entrance and take a number but come in the front and call her. I asked why do we need more photos when you got them in February? (saying it won't be long now) and she said there'd been a mistake in the system. She also said that we'd get our KITAS and passports on Monday.

DC - Good morning. We're going to the Immigration office at two today.

DC - Front door and call.

Morning David. Tomorrow at ten photo and five finish pasport and KITAS. Sorry not yet ready for photo.

DC - So we come tomorrow at ten, use the front door and call you?

Yes. Thanks.

DC - So we use the front door and call you, right?

Yes. And it will be finished at five. Thanks.

DC - Do you want us to come to the office earlier?

No. Wait for a call from me before you come. Thanks.

DC - OK.

DC - My wife is going to a BIWA lunch at one. Thanks.

I'll inform you.

Afternoon. Not yet ready so eat first. Thanks.

I'll call you soon.

DC - Good afternoon. What's up?

DC - Still waiting.

Good morning David. Yesterday couldn't do the photos. Tomorrow I'll pick you up at 11. Can't today. My mother is in the hospital for an eye operation. Tomorrow will finish and the KITAS will be finished. Thank you.

DC - Good morning. We're praying for your mother to recover quickly.

I promise it will be finished tomorrow.

Thank you for your prayers. Tomorrow I'll pick you up at 11. Thank you.

DC - We'll wait for you at 11. Thanks.


David - after lunch I'll go from the hospital to your place. Thanks.

DC - When?

DC - What's up?

DC - ?

Dia tidak datang atau komunikasi lagi

She didn't come or communicate further.

DC - Good morning What's up today? How's your mother?

Very sorry David. I couldn't leave my mother. Can we do it Monday? Thank you and Katrinka for your prayers.

DC - We pray your mother recovers quickly.

Thank you.

DC - Your mother had a cataract operation, right? Her eye's ok now?

DC - What's the plan for Monday?

DC - Good afternoon. What's the plan for Monday?

Good afternoon. Come to the office Monday at one or I'll pick you up. Up to you. Thank you.

DC - We'll come to the office on Monday like the plan for last Monday.

OK sir.

DC - When will we receive pasports and KITAS?

Tuesday sir.

DC - Thanks.




Contonya yang lebih awal

Saya tanya kapan kami terimah paspor dan KITAS?

Tidak datang separti biasa dan tidak pangil atau SMS separti biasa


Lain lain.



Ada banyak separti itu untunk bulan bulan. Dia punya paspor kami sejak Nopember dan berkata itu cepat selasai sejak Februari dan setiap mingu sejak Maret.

Dan ada banyak pesan lain di pangilan.