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Stanley White

Interview with Stan

Stan begin sitting at Sokoji in the mid sixties, spent years at Tassajara and at the SFZC, was ordained by Kobun Chino, and was a priest for years at Kobun's Hokoji near Taos. He's in his nineties now and in a convalescent home in Taos. still irascible. - DC, 2-02-17

From the Hokoji website: Esteemed Teacher:  Stan Butan White a long time diciple of Kobun Chino Otogawa Roshi's. He moved to Hokoji in 1988. Butan sama was head priest for many years at Hokoji.

Stanley Suzuki story in Zen Is Right Here

Another anecdote from Stan in ZIRH

Letter from Stan to DC after he'd read the interview with back of envelop below and below that his sign off doodle which is once again most appropriate since it was stent twelve years ago. And his address is there, might still be good.


Got the above off summer 2002 Wind Bell. See my note written on the page. I emailed Vanja Palmers and he confirmed it's Stan's not Philip Whalen's.

More on Stan and much more of his art later. In the meantime one can always use the site search box on the Home or What's New page to look for more on him on cuke. - dc



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